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Referring a Student to the SBCC

If you need to report an emergency, please contact the University of Scranton Police Department at (570)941-7777.

In non-emergency incidents, members of the University community are encouraged to address concerns directly with students in a caring manner.  If a student is dealing with a Concern (e.g., academic, behavioral, emotional, social, physical/health), and might benefit from additional support, you are encouraged to contact a member of the SBCC to refer the student.

Faculty members are encouraged to contact their college's representative on the Committee. Staff members and students most commonly refer students to the SBCC by contacting the Dean of Students. However, all members of the SBCC listed below are able to take referrals.

Student Behavioral Concern Committee

Ms. Christine Falbo Academic Advisor, CAS Academic Advising Center (570)941-6323
Mrs. Gerry Loveless Director, KSOM Academic Advising Center (570)941-6100
Mr. Kevin Curry  Assistant Dean and Director, PCPS Academic Advising Center      (570)941-6390
Mrs. Lauren Rivera Dean of Students and Assistant VP for Student Life (570)941-7680
Mrs. Shannon Murphy Fennie Assistant Dean of Students (570)941-7680
Mrs. Barbara King Student Life Coordinator (570)941-7680
Mr. Brad Troy Director, Residence Life (570)941-6226
Mrs. Mary Ellen Pichiarello        Learning Enrichment Specialist, CTLE (570)941-4039
Mr. Nicholas Truncale Director, Student Retention and Completion (570)941-6289
Dr. Robert Liskowicz Interim Director of Clinical Services (570)941-7620
Dr. Jeffrey Kegolis (chair) Director, Student Conduct and Assessment (570) 941-7680