Restricted CAS Courses

During registration, some CAS courses have restrictions or reservations in place for specific curricular reasons.
Course restrictions will be lifted starting at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, May 3rd, 2023.


Please note:

  • Students can attempt to enroll in previously restricted CAS courses in one of two ways:
    • Go to the CAS Dean's Office suite (208 STT) or to your academic advising center to process a request.  Requests for restricted courses will not be processed before 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday, May 3rd.
    • Students can attempt to enroll in a previously restricted course through the web registration portal on this date; however, your attempt may be prior to the restriction being lifted and you'll need to wait to process the change. Your academic advising center or dean's office can process changes seamlessly.
  • Please note that this only pertains to CAS courses. A college does not have the authority to override courses in another college. You will need to speak directly with the respective college/advising center for classes within PCPS or KSOM if you incur a registration error/restriction for one of their classes.
  • NOTE:  NUTR 110 is not a CAS course; it is a PCPS class.
  • If a course is "CLOSED" continue to watch the system for an opening. Students have until May 30th to add a class for the 2023 Summer I session; July 5th for the 2023 Summer II session;  and September 1st to add a class for the Fall 2023 semester.


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