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The Financial Aid Office is committed to providing continued services to students and parents, including prospective students and their parents, as well as colleagues who share in the delivery of financial funding to our students.  Due to COVID-19, we have transitioned to remote services and are positioned to continue providing services as follows:

  • Telephone Calls- during normal business hours- Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, staff will be answering both their and our general office lines. All voice mails to both our general office phone lines and staff desk phone lines are being forwarded via e-mail for review and response. 
  • Email- our office email account is being monitored during normal business hours and emails will be reviewed and replies provided; in some cases by staff assigned the e-mail communication. Staff will be responding to their own e-mails during normal business hours. 
  • Mail & Faxes- periodically, as permitted access to campus, staff will retrieve U.S. mail and private deliveries from University mail services for review. Outgoing letters will be subject to the accessibility of campus printing and mailing services. To the extent possible, communications will be via electronic processes- student portal, imaged letters transmitted via e-mail, etc…
  • Office Visits- during the break and spring semester, limited staff will be on campus to meet with students and visitors, arrangements will be made to schedule telephone or zoom appointments.
  • Website- our website has been updated to include the most current information concerning our office operations and information about financial aid.

Parent(s) must have Third Party Access.  If your son or daughter have not given you Third Party Access, they may do so by following the directions at the bottom of View My Status/Third Party Access.

For complete University of Scranton COVID-19 information, please visit