Upperclassmen Advising

During your freshman year the staff of the CAS Advising Center was your academic advisor. Now that you are no longer in your freshmen year, you have been assigned a faculty advisor in the department of your major. The name of your faculty advisor is on your CAPP and in MyScranton.edu. After you log on to My.Scranton, select the "Student" tab, then "Self Service (UIS)", click on Student Services, click on Student Record and then click on View Student information. Your academic advisor is listed. You can get your advisor's email address, office address and phone number in the faculty/staff directory on MyScranton.edu.

Your academic information from your freshmen year has been sent to your faculty advisor. You have the responsibility of making an appointment with your advisor. Your advisor will not contact you as the Advising Center did during your freshman year. Make an effort to get to know your advisor and let your advisor get to know you. You will get better advice if your advisor is aware of your talents, needs and aspirations.

Learning at The University of Scranton goes beyond the classroom. There will be many decisions you must make during the time you are at The University of Scranton. Remember you are not alone but you must seek out help. Be proactive.