Celebration of Service


The University is pleased to present a “Celebration of Service” – an e-report that highlights the many types of community service and engagement activities being undertaken in Northeastern Pennsylvania by our students, faculty and staff.

The report summarizes the key information presented in the University's successful reapplication for the Carnegie Foundation’s Community Engagement classification. First classified in 2008, the 2015 classification will stand for 10 years. The University of Scranton is one of just 361 colleges in the nation to hold this prestigious classification. The Celebration of Service report is also an outgrowth of the University’s 125th anniversary celebration, which was an occasion to reflect on the important ways in which the University connects with the Scranton community.

A Celebration of Service provides both data and stories that put a face to the numbers. It seeks to capture and celebrate the many types of community service that take place on campus through sections highlighting: 

* the key centers of service that facilitate community engagement
* major campus/community collaborations
* areas of academic service
* faculty scholarship, and 
* staff volunteerism.

The report highlights the important work being done and is also meant to spur even more community activity.

As President Kevin P. Quinn, S.J., shares in his opening message: “We are called to this work by the life and teachings of St. Ignatius, the founder of the Society of Jesus, who challenges us to ‘love and serve in all things.’ As you look through this brochure, I hope you will celebrate with me a campus dedicated to service and to our home here in Northeastern Pennsylvania.”  

View the e-report online.

Download the report as a PDF.

For more information about how this report was compiled, contact the Office of Community Relations at 570-941-4419 or community@scranton.edu













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