New Student Orientation - Summer 2021

We are so excited to welcome you to New Student Orientation! In order to help you get ready for college life, The University of Scranton will hold a one-day in-person Orientation experience for members of the Class of 2025! Students (and a guest) can choose to attend one of the sessions that are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Later in the summer, we will send you information about our Fall Welcome program. It is imperative that new students attend these programs to ensure a successful transition of college life at The University of Scranton. Please see below for session dates, registration information, sample schedules, and more!

Session Dates

Session 1: June 21, 2021
Session 5: June 28, 2021
Session 2: June 22, 2021
Session 6: June 29, 2021
Session 3: June 24, 2021
Session 7: July 1, 2021   
Session 4: June 25, 2021
Session 8: July 2, 2021   


Registration information is available on your application status page! Each session schedule will be the same and you can pick the session that best fits your summer plans. Additional information regarding the schedule can be found below. 


Each student is permitted to bring up to one guest to attend New Student Orientation to learn more about the University and how to support the transition of their student!. Due to current policies limiting the capacity for indoor programs and events, we are unable to register more than one guest per student. Important information covered at New Student Orientation will be available for parents/guest to review after the Orientation sessions have been completed. 

Program Information

Summer Orientation Sessions

Each student (along with up to one parent/guest) will attend an Orientation session in late June / early July. Students will learn about acclimating to campus life and a variety of campus resources that can assist them with the transition to college. Student will also be able to meet their fellow Royals in small groups throughout the day.


Please see the sample schedules below for additional information:

Sample Student Schedule


Sample Parent/Guest Schedule

*Please note, these schedules are subject to change.

Placement Testing and Academic Advising

New students will sign up for an academic advising appointment with their college advising centers prior to attending New Student Orientation. Additionally, students may take any required placement tests online beginning in May. These processes will be self-paced and on-going leading up to Orientation. 


Academic Advising

Each incoming student will meet individually with an academic advisor within your respective college, the College of Arts and Sciences, the Kania School of Management, or the Panuska College of Professional Studies. In this meeting, you will review your fall schedule, go over your academic goals, and resolve any questions you have about academics at the University. Students will receive instructions to register for these appointments via your my.scranton email in late May/early June.


Placement Testing

All incoming students are required to take a math placement exam and a first-year writing placement exam. Additionally, any student wishing to study Spanish, French, Italian, German, or Chinese (and has previously studied the intended language) must take a language placement test prior to studying that language at The University of Scranton. This year, all placement exams will be administered online, beginning in May. You will receive an email with specific instructions for accessing and taking each placement exam online as well as the date by which each exam will need to have been completed. 

New Student Orientation Team

Our New Student Orientation Team is comprised of professional staff and student Orientation Assistants (OAs) who are so excited to welcome you to our campus community. We will introduce you to each member of the team individually over the summer, so make sure you follow the Center for Student Engagement's Instagram to meet the Class of 2025's OAs in June!

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Orientation Fees

  • New first-year/transfer students: covered by the Orientation fee assessed to all first year and transfer students. Please click here for a list of all general fees.
  • Guests: All guest fees will be included in the general Orientation fee this year. 
  • Please note that all charges are directly applied to the student's student bill for the Fall Semester. The Bursar's office will send out billing in late July.

Information Technology

The IT orientation webpage has been designed to help all incoming students and their parents to navigate through our various campus technology resources. Learn more about our Student Laptop Program, wireless campus networks, telephone and cable services, and our Technology Support Center.


If you have any questions about Orientation at The University of Scranton, feel free to call the Center for Student Engagement at 570-941-6233 or e-mail us at


Click here to review our Frequently Asked Questions!

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