August Orientation FAQs

How long will Orientation last?

The schedule for August New Student Orientation on Friday, August 23 is still being finalized and students/guests will be updated with the final schedule (including arrival and check-in times) in mid July. Students are also invited to participate in the Fall Welcome events throughout the weekend as well.  Back to the top.

Do parents/guardians have to attend Orientation?

Parents find the information we provide at Orientation to be very helpful. It is highly encouraged that parents/guardians attend, however, it is not mandatory that they do so. Students and parents/guardians each have a different schedule to follow, however, there will be a few times where the activities overlap and you can see your parents/guardians. Back to the top.

How much does Orientation cost?

All student and guest program expenses for August and January Orientation are covered by a single Orientation fee charged to the student's tuition bill. This fee is charged to all new students even if the student cannot attend the Orientation program. Back to the top.

Where do I park for Orientation?

Please park in the Parking Pavilion on Mulberry Street and proceed to the DeNaples Center. Please choose a parking spot which does not have a faculty or visitor marking. Back to the top.

If I am a resident student, do I stay on campus?

Absolutely, since Orientation is also your move-in day. Students may remain on campus during the time between Orientation and the first day of classes. Meals will be provided for you until your meal plan begins. Back to the top.

Who do I contact about my room assignment?

Please contact Residence Life at (570) 941-6226 with any questions regarding housing. Back to the top.

If I or my parents/guardians need special accommodations for Orientation, whom should I contact?

Students and/or parents/guardians who may need special accommodations for the Orientation program should call the Orientation office (570) 941-6233 or email us at Back to the top.

If I have a need for testing and/or physical accommodations for the school term, whom should I contact?

Please contact the Office of Student Support & Success at (570) 941-4038. Back to the top.

How do I register for classes?

Your respective advisor/advising center will create a schedule for you based upon the program of study and your applicable transfer credits.  Back to the top.

What if I cannot attend Orientation?

It is extremely important that you attend this program which is focused on your specific needs as a new or transfer student. In the event that you are unable to attend, please contact the Center for Student Engagement at or (570) 941-6233 for instructions on how to proceed. Resident students will also need to contact Residence Life Office at (570) 941-6226 to make alternate arrangements for move-in. Back to the top.

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