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Safety Proof Your House

University breaks during the academic year are times during which off campus student rental housing is particularly vulnerable to damage and theft. Use the safety and closing tips below to help ensure that your property is safe, secure and your break is stress-free!   

Break Checklist

  • Lock all doors, windows or other entrances to your residence.
  • Never leave keys hidden under mats, above the door or near any entrance. Set lights or a radio to an automatic timer to give the appearance that someone is home.
  • Have your mail and newspapers stopped or have a friend or neighbor pick them up. This can prevent potential criminals from knowing you are gone for an extended period.
  • Fill out a US Postal Service Hold Mail Card.
  • Remove or secure valuable items (i.e. tel. televisions, lap tops, jewelry, personal documents).
  • Record all the serial numbers of valuable items and keep the list in a secured location. This can be helpful to law enforcement if you become a victim of theft.
  • Coordinate with roommates when you plan on leaving and when you will return.
  • Remove perishable items from the refrigerator and dispose of open food containers
  • Empty garbage and recycling bins. Leaving bags of garbage in or outside of your house can attract unwanted critters!

Conserve Energy and Save $$

  • Unplugging  small appliances such as toasters, microwaves, televisions, etc. can help save on energy costs.
  • Adjust the setting on your heating thermostat and water heater. If “vacation mode” is not an option, consider using the lowest temperature setting. In cold weather, heating thermostats should not be set lower than 55-60 degrees.