Moving Off Campus Basics

Thinking of moving off campus and aren't quite sure where to begin? Becoming familiar with what living off campus entails is the best way to help ensure a successful housing search and rental experience, and OCCSL has several resources available for you to use!

What to consider before you move off campus: 

First-year and sophomore students are required to live on campus. Junior students must seek permission to live off campus during the fall semester of their sophomore year. Seniors have permission to live off campus but are encouraged to connect with the Assistant Director for Off Campus and Commuter Student Life to make sure they're best equipped and supported in this decision.  All students must update their local addresses in the University's Emergency Notification System each year.

How to update your off campus address:

2) Self Service
3) Personal Information
4) Update Addresses and Phone
5) Type of address to insert: choose local

Click "submit"

Why to update local address:

  • Off-campus students are required to provide the University of Scranton with a current local address per the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Having current local address information is essential when assisting off-campus students during emergencies - it helps us better assist you.
  • Reduces the likelihood that University of Scranton Administrators and University Police will visit your off-campus house to collect contact information. If the University has your contact information, we can call you instead of coming to your house!
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