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Off Campus Conduct

Student Behavior in the Neighboring Community

The University of Scranton is an integral part of the historic Hill neighborhood and the City of Scranton, and students are members of both the University and local community. All University students are obligated to exhibit exemplary citizenship at all times. Excessive or unreasonable noise, the illegal use of and /or sale or distribution of alcohol or drugs, excessively large parties, and/or disrespect for neighbor and community are incongruent with students' obligations. Therefore, the University reserves the right to refer students involved in these types of behaviors, as well as other disruptive behaviors, to the Office of Student Conduct for disciplinary action. If found responsible, students will be subject to University sanctions and provision up to and including suspension and expulsion from the University.

Adherence to State Laws and City Ordinances

Please familiarize yourself with Pennsylvania law, local city ordinances, and the University’s Code of Conduct. It is important to note that the University receives information regarding students who may violate state and local laws and ordinances. Several of these violations are also violations of the behavioral standards listed in our Student Code of Conduct. The University takes any behaviors that disrupt the local community or your fellow students very seriously and will address these matters accordingly.

Student Code of Conduct

City of Scranton Ordinances

Alcohol and the Law

Tips for Being a Good Neighbor

  • Respect your neighbors and recognize that many non-students live within neighborhoods that are frequently populated by students.
  • Get to know your neighbors and create a sound relationship by introducing yourself and keeping an open line of communication; that way, they'll come to you first when they have a concern.
  • Keep noise levels at a reasonable level.
  • Maintain a respectable appearance of your property (maintain your lawn, keep your sidewalks clean and clear of snow and other elements, properly dispose of garbage, pick up any litter on and around your yard, etc.).
  • Be considerate of your parking habits and take care to avoid taking numerous parking spots, blocking sidewalks, driveways, etc.  Always consider safety implications of where you keep your vehicle.