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Yammer is the faster, smarter way to share and collaborate with everyone at The University of Scranton. Discover Yammer Communities that match your interests, and find conversations and content that are relevant to you.

Yammer: join the conversation.

What is it?

You can use Yammer to

  • find co-workers who share your interests
  • find the expert help you need to complete a task
  • share important news with those who need to know
  • gather opinions and ideas
  • promote an event
  • introduce new hires and get them up to speed

Join Yammer Communities (similar to liking Facebook groups or pages) that are of interest to you and participate in conversations, share information and ask questions to members of The University of Scranton community. You even can create posts, praise your coworkers, edit documents, and send polls, too.

We hope that Yammer will increase online campus engagement opportunities in line with the University’s mission of building community.

Community Spotlight: Royal Marketplace

Buy, sell or trade new and used items, ask questions, share announcements and highlight fundraising efforts through our campus community digital bulletin board. Marketplace replaces BBoard

Sign in

  • On the web, go to https://www.yammer.com/scranton.edu/.
  • Go to my.scranton, click on the waffle in the upper-right corner of your screen and select Office 365. In the app launcher (upper left corner), select Yammer.
  • Go to your phone’s app store, search for Yammer, and download the free app.
  • Use Yammer Communities directly within Teams, look for the Viva Engage app.


Don’t see a community for your interest, or want to create a community for a new initiative? Start a new community and customize it for your members. After reviewing the Before Creating a Community checklist (see below), you can submit your request for a new University Community. Requests get approved and communities get created by the M365 Workgroup.

Before creating a Community

  • Browse the existing Yammer communities to see if a similar group already exists.
  • Members who create communities are responsible for administrating the community, including moderating requests to join, and assigning additional administrators (there should always be more than one administrator).
  • Keep it professional, the University has the right to remove any communities it deems unsuitable or offensive.
  • Unless your community is a currently existing work team, do not use the Add Members function to automatically join colleagues. Staff should join communities of their own accord.

Prepare the following information

  • Community name: As descriptive as possible. You can edit this after community creation. Search prior to creating a community, to see if something similar exist already.
  • Description/purpose of the communityThe description can be up to 150 characters and should let members know more details about the community purpose. This should be as clear as possible and is helpful in search.
  • Community privacy settings:
  • Starting a thread or conversation:
  • Images: You will need a community icon image and a cover photo.Yammer image sizing guide.
  • Additional admins: Engage additional admins (at least one) as back up to help facilitate admin responsibilities.


Please follow The University of Scranton Social Media Community Guidelines as you interact in Yammer communities.

We take pride in the strength of our University of Scranton community, which is why we encourage you to engage respectfully with us and others on social media. We hope you’ll visit often and comment regularly to remain part of this robust and valued community. As an institution of higher education, we encourage civil discourse, but we also ask that you respect The University of Scranton’s Jesuit and Catholic mission and Identity.

The administrators of University social media sites reserve the right to delete comments or posts or block/ban users – without prior written notice – for the reasons below by way of example without intending to state an exhaustive list: 

If the University determines that the comment or post:

  • Is defamatory, obscene or can be considered hate speech (speech that targets people or groups based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or any other protected status).
  • Incites violence or threatens to harm individuals, groups or organizations or compromises the safety or security of the University community or the public.
  • Promotes a business or commercial transaction or solicits funds of any kind.
  • Is an endorsement or encouragement of illegal activities.
  • Can be considered spam (multiple off-topic posts or repetitive posts that are copied and
  • Includes personal information (e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, mailing addresses, identification numbers or other identifying information).
  • Violates the intellectual property rights of another party.

The University of Scranton may not immediately review every comment or post, but we do moderate according to the policy above. We are not responsible for the opinions or accuracy of visitor comments posted on University social media sites. 

The University of Scranton Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy


  • Go to https://yammer.scranton.edu
  • Select the Settings(cogwheel) button in the header and then select Edit Settings
  • Under Account Settings, select the Notifications tab
  • Select the notifications you want, clear the ones you don't want, and then select Save.



Staff Senate: What's a Yammer Resources

Online and Printable Resouces

Tips when creating a post

  • While typing a message, add the hashtag symbol # before the keyword that you want to tag. This allows users to search for all messages that include the hashtag.
  • You can use topics to indicate who the message is intended for, such as faculty, staff or students. Members are able to "follow" topics to receive updates in their newsfeed.
  • Use images and format your text to increase engagement.
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