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This page provides answers to frequently asked questions. If you don't find an answer to your question here, please contact please contact the Technology Support Center at 570-941-HELP (4357) or email techsupport@scranton.edu.

What is the Royal Card?

The Royal Card is the multiple-purpose photo ID card for all students, faculty and staff at the University of Scranton. It also offers a menu of additional services:

  • A meal plan card
  • Library card
  • Access card for all residence halls
  • Access card for several academic buildings & 24-hour access to the Pro Deo Room in the Library
  • Debit card for use in place of cash on campus

Where can I use my Royal Card?

Once you set up your Royal Card as a deposit account you can use it for:

  • All University dining facilities
  • University Bookstore
  • Byron Recreational Complex
  • Campus Vending Machines
  • Laundry facilities in residence halls
  • University Printing Services (duplicating)
  • Weinberg Memorial Library copy machines, internet printing, and fax service
  • Special Event tickets
  • Biology and Chemistry supplies
  • Parking decals and fines
  • University Players shows and events

How do I obtain a Royal Card?

Incoming freshmen whose photos are taken during summer Orientation sessions will receive their Royal Card in the mail during the month of August.

If you are a graduate student, arrangements are made through Graduate and Continuing Education Services for photos and distribution of Royal Cards.

All students, faculty or staff who have not had pictures taken should visit the Technology Support Center on the first floor of Alumni Memorial Hall, during normal business hours.

How do I request a Royal Card Reader?

The process for requesting Royal Card readers has changed.  Students can no longer request Royal Card readers. If you are a student, please contact your group’s moderator (University staff or faculty member) to submit the request for you.

Moderator:  Follow instructions below to request a Royal Card reader for your group’s use:

  1. Log into Royal IT Support
  2. Go to Request a Service
  3. Click on Royal Card
  4. Select Royal Card Request for Attendance Reader

How do I set up a Deposit Account?

Deposit Accounts are set up automatically for all students, faculty, and staff. Deposits can be made through the RoyalCard Online Card Office, through the mail at the Bursar's Office in St. Thomas Hall, and at the Royal Card value transfer machines located in The DeNaples Center and the Weinberg Memorial Library.

How does someone add funds to a deposit account?

Deposits can be made in person at the Bursar's office in St. Thomas Hall, through the mail, at the RoyalCard value transfer machines located in The DeNaples Center and the Weinberg Memorial Library, or through the RoyalCard Online Card Office. In addition to depositing funds online, you can also access your account balance and view your transaction history.

What do I do if my Royal Card is lost or stolen?

You should report a lost or stolen Royal card immediately to the Royal Card Office located in the Technology Support Center. The card will be deactivated and you will be issued a new card. There will be a $10 charge for each replacement card.

Report Lost Cards:

  • Technology Support Center Phone Number: (570) 941-4357
  • Location: Alumni Memorial Hall, Room 102
  • After Hours, call Public Safety at (570) 941-7888.

If you suspect your card has been stolen, you can report a card lost through the RoyalCard Online Card Office.

If you have deactivated your card by mistake, please visit the Technology Support Center with the RoyalCard. The Technology Support Center will re-activate the card and ensure it is working. If the card is not working after re-activation, a new card will be required.

What do I do if my Royal Card is damaged?

Visit the Royal Card Office located in the Technology Support Center for a replacement card. You will need to bring your damaged card in order to get a free replacement.

What do I do if my Royal Card is not working?

Occasionally a Royal Card cannot be read by the card readers. There can be a variety of reasons for this. Most often it is because the magnetic strip on the back of the card becomes damaged or the data encoded on the strip becomes scrambled. To prevent damage it is recommended that you keep the card away from magnets, stereos, televisions and computers or anything that may have magnetic activity. If your Royal Card is not working, the Royal Card should be returned to the Technology Support Center in Alumni Memorial Hall immediately so the card can be assessed.

Is there a mobile app available for the Royal Card?

A mobile app is available through the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. The mobile app allows you to deposit funds to your Royal Card, view account balances and transactions, or deactivate your Royal Card if it has been lost or stolen.

How do I make account balance inquires?

The remaining balance in your Royal card account will appear on the cash register or card reader display whenever a purchase is made. After the purchase is keyed in your card is passed through the register or reader and the amount of the purchase is deducted from your account via the magnetic strip on the back of the card. This system ensures instant and accurate adjustments to your account.

You can also perform an account balance inquiry by using the RoyalCard Online Card Office.

How do I contact the Royal Card Office?

The Royal Card Office is located within the Technology Support Center

  • Phone Number: (570) 941-4357
  • Location: Alumni Memorial Hall, Room 102

How do I obtain a Visitor Card or a Non-Employee Affiliate Card?

Visitor Cards can be obtained for inviduals and groups that will be on campus for short-term stays, and need card access while on campus. Before requesting a visitor card, please review the ID Card Procedures . Contact the Technology Support Center for further assistance.

Non-Employee Affiliate cards are used for individuals that are volunteers on campus, vendors or those needing a card for extended stays on campus. For such requests, please review the ID Card Procedures and complete the Non-Employee Affiliate Request Form . Please allow 3 business days from date of submission of form to card issuance.

What is the difference between “Dining Flex” and “RoyalCard Debit”?

  • Dining Flex: This deposit account is used for all dining locations on campus only. For a list of dining locations on campus, click here.
  • RoyalCard Debit: This deposit account is used for all on campus and off campus locations that accept the RoyalCard. This account can be used at dining locations, the bookstore, the library, vending machines, laundry centers, and on campus merchants.

What happened to my Dining Flex account balance?

At the beginning of every semester, you may see your Dining Flex account balance reset.  Please allow up to three business days from the start of the semester for the balance to be recovered to your account.  If after three days you still have not recieved the funds that were previously in your account, please contact the Technology Support Center.

When do I receive my free printing deposit for the library?

Each semester, students are allotted a designated amount of free prints at the Library. The schedule is shown below. The free prints, if unused, accumulate from the initial deposit in the Fall semester through the end of the last Summer Session, with which they are all reset to $0. Please allow up to three business days from the start of the semester for the deposit to take place. If after three days you still have not received the deposit to your account, please contact the Technology Support Center.



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