Technology Checklist For Your Successful Return To Campus

To help plan for a successful return to campus, we have created a list of technology considerations prior to your return. We suggest each returning employee set aside some time to check that their on-campus technology is ready to use.

Technology Equipment Loaners

Technology Equipment Loaners

Please make sure to return any office loaner equipment that was taken home to the Technology Support Center.

  • Verify that all your files have been saved or moved to OneDrive/SharePoint. Once these devices are returned to IT, they get wiped to ensure confidentiality of information. Data cannot be recovered once this process is complete.
  • Check the laptop bag for personal items.

Check Your Office Computer

Check Your Office Computer

The desktop operating system and many third party applications (such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Adobe Acrobat Reader) receive security patches through KBOX or Windows update on a regular basis. If you have not used your computer for a while, these updates will attempt to install on your system when you turn it on.

As the critical patches are installed, machines may experience a temporary decline in performance. As you are planning to return to campus, please take this into consideration and allow time for these important updates to complete.

Common computer issues include:

My computer won’t turn on:
 Ensure that all cables are secured and plugged in.
 Verify that office power strips are on.
 Ensure your laptop is seated in your docking station.

I cannot log in:
 Username and password error: Is your CAPS LOCK on? Are any of the keys on your keyboard sticking?
 Error message, “There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request”: Check your network connection. Is the network cable plugged in to the computer and to the wall (or your office phone)? Restart your computer and if the issue persists, please contact the Technology Support Center.
 Error message, “The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed”: Contact the Technology Support Center.

Nothing displays on the monitor:
 Verify that the power cable for your monitor is connected to both the monitor and a power source.
 Verify that the cable between the laptop/tower and monitor is securely seated.

Test Your Printer:
If your print quality is poor, replace ink cartridges or toner before submitting ticket.

Check Your Office Phone

Please make sure to return any loaner cell phone or MiFi equipment to the Technology Support Center.
 If you forwarded your phone, press CFwdAll button to remove forwarding.

 Remember to change your phone back to your standard greeting if you setup an alternate greeting when you were working remotely.

VOIP Phone Hook Switch Problems

Information Technology has received a lot of reports concerning the failing of “hook switches" (the control mechanism that answers and hangs up a call on a telephone) for office phones. The phone defaults to pick up on speaker. This could be due to the dust on the contacts in the phone. As such, we ask that you press the hook switch rapidly a dozen times or so to clean the contacts. If the issue still persists, please enter a ticket through Royal IT Support.

Please open a Royal IT Support ticket for the following phone requests:

 To have your forwarding removed or altered (if you are unable to do so from your phone)
 To remove or update a custom forwarding schedule
 To have your voice mail appear as a red light on your phone and not sent to your email.

View the VoIP Telephone Service page for more information and instructions.

Check Your Royal Card

Check The Expiration Date on Your Royal Card

Review your Royal Card expiration date. If you need a new card, visit the Technology Support Center. Alternatively, you can upload your new photo through the Online Photo Submission website and pick it up at the Technology Support Center at your convenience.

Work-Study Students Banner Access

Work-Study Students Banner Access

When we pivoted to remote work in March of 2020, all access to the Banner Admin system for work-study students was suspended. If this access needs to be reinstated, you can submit a request through Royal IT Support or contact the Technology Support Center.

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