Network Drives H:\ And G:\

The H:\ and G:\ drives are used by faculty and staff to store files. The files stored on these drives are saved on premise and are only accessable off-campus by using Remote Access.

  • H:\ is for your individual files; no sharing ability
  • G\: is for your group (shared) files; limited sharing

Banner Reports

Banner reports are generated on a specific schedule for various offices. The H:\Banner and H:\BannerArchive folders will automatically appear on any campus PC you log into with your Royal ID.

To view these folders:

  • Open File Explorer on your computer
  • Select This PC to see your H:\drive
  • Click the H:\drive to see the Banner folders


AdHoc Files

On August 15, 2019, all AdHoc (files shared amongst various offices) were moved to the G:\ Drive.

Where do I access the AdHoc files on the G:\ Drive?

  • Open File Explorer
  • Click on Groups (G):
  • Click the AdHoc folder to open it


Mac Computers

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