Quick Answers: Imaging

This page provides answers to frequently asked questions. If you don't find an answer to your question here, please contact please contact the Technology Support Center at 570-941-HELP (4357) or email techsupport@scranton.edu.

What is ApplicationXtender and how is it used?

ApplicationXtender (AX) is a content management system that electronically stores, organizes and manages documents. It provides fast, security controlled access to that information from Banner. ApplicationXtender provides the means to create, enhance, store, view, print, and email any type of document or document pages. AX is integrated with Banner and should be used when scanning any documents or forms that are related to, or utilized in Banner.

What is QuickScanPro?

QuickScanPro is the piece of the AX software used to capture the images through the use of fast and efficient batch scanning capability.

What is WebXtender?

WebXtender (WX) is the web version of ApplicationXtender. WebXtender makes the ApplicationXtender content management system available to users via Internet Native Banner in the my.Scranton portal.

What do I do if I receive a Multiple Logins Not Allowed error in WebXtender?

Please remember to log out by clicking the Logout Button (Key icon) located in the upper left-hand corner or the page (or selecting File/Logout). If you do not log out in this manner, the system will not recognize you as being logged out and at your next attempt to log in you will receive a ‘multiple logins not allowed’ message. If you receive this message, please be patient.  The server is set to clear multiple logins after 20 minutes.

Can I scan documents into Royal Drive?

Yes. In order to scan documents directly into Royal Drive a piece of software called the Xythos Connector needs to be installed on your department’s multi-function product (MFP). This provides the ability to scan directly from the MFP into your “home” directory on Royal Drive.  The majority of MFPs on campus have the Xythos Connector installed.

Can I control who has the ability to see the imaged documents?

Yes. There are application level permissions which can be set to limit the visibility of the documents to only those who need to view the documents. Security forms are completed by the department’s point of contact specifying permissions for individuals within the department. Those permissions are then set by the Applications Administrator.

Can a work study student be set up to use ApplicationXtender?

Yes. Departments often train their work study students to do the actual scanning of the documents. Care needs to be exercised by departments when sensitve or confidential information exists on the documents being handled by work study students.

Is my department responsible for paying for the required equipment?

The initial scanner and software licenses are currently paid out of the IT Development and Applications budget. Any additional scanners required by the department would need to be purchased through the department’s budget.

What departments are currently scanning and indexing documents in the Banner imaging system?

  • Advancement
  • Finance (including Accounts Payable and Purchasing)
  • Financial Aid
  • GCES
  • Registrar's Office
  • University Police
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