Exam scanning services


Exam scanning services are offered through our Technology Support Center located on the first floor, Alumni Memorial Hall. Exams may be left with full-time staff members or placed in the secure Exam Scanning Drop box.

Exams will be scanned only when full-time staff is available. No student workers will have access to the forms or results.

All exams will be properly stored and secured and results will be confidential. Scan results may be available within a day, however because of expected demand, we have established a two business day turnaround. Errors on the scan sheets will be noted and faculty can determine the appropriate action. Scan result reports will be provided in email directly to the faculty member. Faculty may then print out or store their results as needed. After the exam has been scored, scanned sheets will be available for pickup from full-time staff at the TSC. Full time staff must be available to access and release the scanned sheets directly to faculty members or their secretaries.

Exam Scanning Request Form

As an alternative to exam scanning, faculty interested in using online testing tools via Desire2Learn are encouraged to contact the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence for assistance. We realize that exams are an essential part of the educational mission and we are committed to handling those exams with the highest level of confidentiality