Supervisor Information

Procedure for Supervisors

  • When a student approaches a supervisor requesting to be considered for a position in his or her department or if a supervisor has a particular student in mind for the position, the supervisor must instruct the student to contact the financial aid office. The student is not permitted to work until he or she is approved by the financial aid office.
  • There are requirements which must be fulfilled in the financial aid office for Federal Work Study. They are as follows:
      1. FAFSA must be on file 
      2. The student must be eligible for the Federal Work Study Program determined by the FAFSA
      3. An on-line work study application must be filed
      4. An I-9 and W-4 must be completed in the presence of a member of the human resource office with original documents
      5. A student must meet satisfactory academic progress
      6. A student should not be under any holds; financial or academic
  • If the student does not qualify for Federal Work Study, he or she may be placed on University Work Study funds. The student is still required to fulfill requirements 3 thru 6 inclusive.  If the department in question does not have University work study funds, the department head must put in a request in writing to Assistant VP budget & Finance Plan for allocation of these funds.
  • Once all requirements are met, the financial aid office will make the referral to the named department. At this time, the supervisor may go to our supervisors on-line placement form to hire the student in question. The student may begin working at this point.

If a supervisor or student has any questions concerning these procedures, please feel free to contact the financial aid office at (570) 941-7701 or

Work Study Supervisor Placement Form

Directions on How to Complete the Online Work Study Placement Form

  • Supervisors must go to YWAWSHR (see below)
  • The Supervisors will see a list of students that have been referred to them appearing in alphabetical and date order.
  • After the supervisor interviews a new student or a student returning to the same position previously worked for the department:
    • Their name will appear on a work-list
    • Click on the student's name.
    • You will have a choice of HIRE or NOT HIRE
  • If you HIRE the student, you will be asked to complete the following steps:
    • Select a hire date
    • Next you need to select a pay-rate (Note: Note: if the student is a level 4 you will be asked to provide information to the Director of Payroll Information Systems for approval)
  • If you select NOT HIRE
    • The student is removed from your work list
    • The student is then returned to the pool of applicants requesting work study


  1.   Log into
  2.   Click on Banner ERP
  3.   Look at Public Applications channel
  4.   Select YWAWSHR from the list of applications - If not listed, there is a “Search - Use % as wildcard” feature in the middle.  Type YWAWSHR in the space provided and click SEARCH

Rehire instructions for Summer and next academic year (June 1 to May 31)

A student must be register for 6 credits in the summer and/or fall semester to be eligible to work.

Click Here for instructions

International Students

For International students to be reviewed for Federal Work study, they must be an eligible non-citizen and must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). If they are not an eligible non-citizen, these students can be placed on University Work study. The department must notify the Financial Aid office of this request. These students must complete an on-line work study application and complete an I-9 and W-4. The I-9 must be completed in the Human Resources Office.  A social security number must be obtained before an I-9 may be completed.

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