View My Status/Third Party Access

Accepted Incoming Freshmen

Logging into, the University’s online portal, will allow you to access your financial aid information. You can currently view your FAFSA status, and Financial Aid award letters will be available on a rolling basis starting January 16. Please note that this portal is completely separate from your applicant status page at, so you will need to maintain separate usernames and passwords for these two accounts.

To avoid compromising any of your personal information, we have designed a multi-step process for you to unlock your portal account:

  1. Before you begin, please refer to your decision letter or your applicant status page for your Royal ID.
  2. Click here to get started. When prompted, enter your Royal ID student identification number. Please note that your Royal ID is a capital “R” followed by 8 numbers; the letter “O” is not used in the Royal ID.
  3. An email with the subject line "Unlock Account" was sent the email address you provided on your admission's application. If you do not receive the email within a few minutes (please check your spam folder), you can contact the Technology Support Center at (570) 941-4357 or email them.
  4. The email we send to you will contain a unique URL for you to click on. 
  5. This URL will take you to a screen where you will enter your date of birth and your zip code.
  6. If you enter the information in step 4 correctly, you will be asked to answer three password reset questions and create a password. Please note that the password is case sensitive.
  7. You will then receive a link to the portal login page. Please be sure to record your password and password reset questions and answers for future use.
  8. Finally, click on the link for (or type it into your browser). Enter your Royal ID and password to access the portal.
  9. If the page loads incorrectly when you log into, please click on the "Financial Aid" tab at the top of the screen or refresh your browser.
We encourage you to complete this process as soon as possible. If you decide to attend the University, you will also use your log-in for the portal to access important Forms in early May, including Orientation, Royal Card, and Housing or Parking. 

If you have any questions or problems unlocking your portal account, please contact the Technology Support Center at (570) 941-4357 or email them.

Current Student

Third Party Access (Parent, Spouse, & Authorized User)

To authorize Third Party Access, students need to follow the following steps:  
  • Log in at
  • Choose the “Home”
  • Click on “Self Service”
  • Under the “Personal Information” tab, click “Third Party Authorization Form”
  • Click on “Add New Authorization”
  • Assign a USERNAME (must begin with P*) and PASSWORD
  • Complete the requested personal information regarding third party
  • Select information you wish  third party to access
  • Make sure to notify the third party of the USERNAME and PASSWORD you created for them.  They will also use this password when calling the Bursar and/or Financial Aid Office to discuss confidential information about your student account and/or financial aid