Doyle Stock Trading Competition

Utilizing the Center’s stock-trading capabilities aggressively are University of Scranton students who participate in the annual James C. Doyle ’66 Stock Trading Competition.  Created in memory of Mr. Doyle, a loyal alumnus of the University and respected financial advisor, and funded by contributions from his family and friends, the competition encourages students to understand and participate in the workings of the stock market.  Using a virtual stock-exchange platform and brokerage accounts provided by Market Watch, student competitors began their trading activity in mid-October with virtual accounts valued at $100,000.  On a weekly basis, they submit their account statements, listing trading dates, transactions and balances to the competition coordinator.  The student with the largest balance at the close of the market on April 15 receives a cash award. 

Listed below are past winners:
2021:  Shiqi Zhou
2020:  Kyle Shaffer
2019:  Michael Kozlowski
2018:  Samantha Uhrin
2017 - Mark L. Palucci
2016 - Cole Ferrari
2015 - John Clark
2014 - John Clark
2013 - William Harding
2012 - Michael Tumulty
2011 - Thomas Woods
2010 - Nicholas Caselli
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