Operations & Information Management
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Operations and Information Management Department

What We Do:

We educate both undergraduate and graduate business students in the process of converting inputs into desired goods and services. This process often takes place in an electronic business environment, which is critical to the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.

With sound principles developed by the best scholars of contemporary and classic business practices, the department offers majors, minors and supplemental classes for University of Scranton students in the tradition of Jesuit education. 

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How We Stand Out:

Our graduates have the knowledge and skills needed to improve an organization's excellence in supply chains for the global e-commerce environment, including costing, process analysis, design, relationship building, decision-making, project management, and e-commerce.

  • Among the fastest growing majors at The University of Scranton
  • Students are involved in research, presentation, and publishing
  • Classes visit functioning companies to see theory in practice
  • Faculty members are highly regarded on and off-campus
  • Focus on ethics and responsibility

Nationally Ranked

Most recently, US News & World Report ranked the operations management concentration of Scranton's MBA program 15th in the nation.


Our academic programs admit well-qualified students and prepare them immediately to take leadership roles as operation managers and consultants, and to assume increasingly important roles related to supply chain operations and executive leadership.


  • Operations Management, BS - As one of the core functional areas of an organization, Operations Management deals with the effective management of businesses in the manufacturing and service areas through effective and efficient utilization of resources in the production of goods and services. 
  • Business Analytics, BS - Business Analytics is the practice of evaluating data to extract insights that help organizations make better business decisions and solve problems. It is widely recognized as a strategic necessity in today's competitive business environment and is a growing career field.


  • Operations Management
  • Business Analytics


  • Business Analytics

Graduate Programs

Meet Our Faculty:

Many university websites describe their faculty as renowned researchers and dedicated teachers. At Scranton, our professors are among the best in the business, but what sets them apart even further is their exceptional enthusiasm and passion for their subject. This translates into a transformational educational experience in the classroom.

Instructors engage students in dynamic lessons incorporating the latest research.

  • Dr. Rose Sebastianelli, professor of Operations and Information Management, and Dr. Nabil Tamimi, professor of Operations Management, have jointly studied issues surrounding TQM (total quality management), based on the work of W. Edwards Deming, the legendary “guru” of quality control and in detailing.  Through their research, students learn about the organizational barriers to TQM. Read more here.

We invite you to learn more about faculty research here or by scrolling through their credentials below!

All of our faculty members actively participate in scholarly research, have various teaching interests and are involved in service.

Nabil Tamimi, Ph.D., Department Chair

Nabil Tamimi, Ph.D.


Professor & Chair
Operations Management

B.S., The Pennsylvania State University
M.B.A., The University of Scranton
Ph.D., Temple University

Phone: 570-941-4288
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Kingsley Gnanendran, Ph.D.


Operations Management

B.Sc., University of Sri Lanka
M.Eng., Asian Institute of Technology
Ph.D., University of Tennessee

Phone: 570-941-4190
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Rose Sebastianelli, Ph.D.


Operations Management

B.S., Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University

Phone: 570-941-4287
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Deborah J. Gougeon, Ph.D.


Associate Professor
Operations Management

B.S., M.S., The University of Scranton
Ph.D., Walden University

Phone: 570- 941-7610
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Satya N. Prattipati, Ph.D.


Associate Professor
Information Systems

B.S., Andhra University
M.B.A., Indian Institute of Management
Ph.D., State University of New York at Buffalo

Phone: 570-941-6159
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Ozgur Isil, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor
Operations Management

B.S., University of Texas at Austin
M.B.A., Ph.D.,University of Wisconsin-Madison

Phone: 570-941-7760
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Yibai Li


Associate Professor
Information Systems

B.S., Jilin University
M.S., Oklahoma State University
Ph.D., Washington State University

Phone: 570-941-7407
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Hamza Adeinat, Ph.D. Candidate


Assistant Professor

B.S. University of Jordan
MBA University of Houston
Ph.D. The Pennsylvania State University

Phone: (570) 941-6228
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Ahmed Gomaa, Ph. D


Associate Professor

B.S. University of Alexandria
M.S. University of Alexandria
MBA Rutgers University
Ph.D. Rutgers University

Phone: (570) 941-7760
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Inside the Classroom:

We prepare graduates who understand how to develop and operate information systems and supply chains that provide improved customer service combined with added profitability and responsible corporate citizenship.

  • Theoretical foundations grounded in real-world applications
  • Valuable faculty-student interaction
  • Guest speakers working in business and e-commerce
  • Trending topics, like data-mining, infused into curriculum

Faculty-mentored Student Research:

One of the many ways that active learning takes place at Scranton is through faculty-mentored research.

Caroline Swift, Class of 2014, had the opportunity to collaborate with a faculty member on how e-tailor attributes affect online shopping intention. The findings were presented at the Western Decision Sciences Institute in Napa, California. 

The professors here are enthusiastic about their work and sharing it with their students.

Caroline Swift, Class of 2012, Graduate Class of 2014, Ph.D. candidate at Penn State University

Career Outcomes:

You’ll find Scranton Operations and Information Management graduates working in:

  • Private industry
  • Government
  • Consulting firms
  • E-commerce companies