Accounting Intern Questionnaire





Name of Firm ________________________________________________________

Location: ____________________________________________________________

Job Offer:        Yes _________________          No ______________________________

Acceptance:    Yes _________________         No ______________________________

Tentative Starting Date:  _________________________________________________

Location:  _____________________________________________________________

1.      Did you feel well prepared for the job considering your educational background in accounting and related topics once you went through the company’s initial training period?  Please explain.

2.      What new courses, if any, would you like to see given to the new interns prior to going on the job?

3.      What ideas, tips, etc. would you like to see given to the new interns prior to going on the job?

4.      What changes, in presently offered courses, do you think might enhance the intern’s skills, abilities, etc.?

5.      What recommendations, specific of general, do you have for me to give back to the University of Scranton regarding any or all aspects of the internship program?

6.      Please list specific courses (included here) that were of value to you during your internship.

          Intermediate Accounting I and II – Federal Taxes – Auditing – Prin. Of Mgt. I and II – Intro. To Mgt. Science – Prod. & Oper.  Mgt. – Intro. To Finance – Intro. To Marketing – Adv. Accounting – Cost Accounting – Advanced Accounting Electives – Business Policy – Business Ethics.

          These questions are to be repeated and answered using a word processing package.

          This is to be turned in with the paper.

          The due date for the paper and the questionnaire is as stated by Dr. Carpenter at the beginning of the semester.

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