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Office Of Student Support & Success

The University of Scranton's Office of Student Support & Success (OSSS) encourages and supports a strong culture of teaching, learning and scholarship in the Ignatian Tradition for a diverse university community. The University's OSSS works with faculty and students to help create an environment that encourages and supports student learning, faculty enrichment, instructional design, and the use of technology. The OSSS provides opportunities for faculty and students to work together to achieve academic success and have a positive learning experience.

For Students

Home to academic services all working together to encourage and support a student learning environment that fosters growth and creating self-regulated learners, the OSSS is an academic student hub located on the 5th floor of Loyola Science Center (LSC).

The OSSS provides support for students with disabilities.  The Office is fully committed to offering our students with disabilities access to programs, facilities and services on an equal opportunity basis.

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For Faculty

The OSSS provides resources related to pedagogy, online teaching, class observations and workshops to facilitate faculty enrichment.  

Moreover, the OSSS annually offers:

  • Teaching Enhancement Grants
  • Online Course Development Stipends

For information related to Brightspace, visit the Online Learning Management System page.

For a comprehensive list of faculty services, please use the navigation bar on the left.


Restructuring the CTLE

The CTLE will be divided into two centers/offices. The Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) will concentrate on teaching, faculty support, and pedagogical innovation. It will be a faculty-led center and we are pleased to announce that Tara Hamilton-Fay will serve as its first coordinator. Brian Snapp and Aileen McHale will be a part of CTE and this center will report directly to the Associate Provost. This Center will continue to have a faculty advisory board and house the first-year faculty mentor-mentee program.
The second center will focus on student success and support. Academic accommodations, tutoring services, and the Writing Center will remain together. The Center will have a focus on student success, which mirrors nationally recognized best practices. In the next few weeks we will be launching a search for the manager of this center. A search for a new position focused on supporting our increased number of first generation and historically underrepresented students will also be announced in the upcoming weeks. The goal is to integrate student success more intentionally with our retention efforts. All students who have been impacted by this restructuring have been directly contacted. This applies overwhelmingly to our Gonzaga students. Students who receiving tutoring and/or accommodations through the CTLE have not been impacted by this process.
There are no current plans to change the locations of the centers.


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