Tutoring Services

The Office of Student Support and Success (OSSS) Tutoring Program directs all tutoring activity towards creating an environment that encourages and supports student learning and development. The goal is for students to become self-regulated learners.

What are the types of tutoring offered by the OSSS?

Individual tutoring
Depending on the course, one-on-one meetings with a tutor on a weekly basis for the whole semester.

Supplemental Instruction (SI)
An experienced tutor leads regularly scheduled group study sessions. The goal is for students to actively involve themselves with the course content, interact with classmates, and develop effective study skills - learn how to study as well as what to study.

Small group tutoring
In courses not supported by SI, students may request tutoring in a particular course. Students meet with a tutor in a small group on a weekly basis for the whole semester.

Drop-in Tutoring Labs
They offer immediate tutoring assistance without the need of an appointment. Tutors are available on particular days and times to assist students in a variety of courses. Some of the courses include Math, Chemistry, Physics, Accounting, Business Statistics, and Economics.

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Where does the tutoring take place? 

The tutoring sessions take place in the OSSS Tutoring Center in LSC, 5th Floor.

Drop-in Tutoring Hours and Locations

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Information on How to Become a Tutor

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