Compressing Pictures in Powerpoint

  1. Compressing Images :
  • Once the picture is inserted in the Presentation, you can either:
    • Double click on the picture and choose Compress Pictures from the menu bar OR
    • Click the menu option Format > Picture Tools and choose the Compress Picturesfrom the menu bar
  • Be sure to check the Delete cropped areas of pictures option  to reduce the overall size of the presentation
  • To compress all pictures in a presentation, Deselect the Apply only to this picture option
  • Choose whether or not you want the quality set for email or presentation style (Document Resolution.)
  • Click OK
  • SAVE - Once you have compressed the pictures make sure to save the presentation right after for the compression to take affect.

If your presentation is full of images, you can try compressing these images to reduce the overall size of the presentation to make the presentation easier to email and upload.


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