Matt Smith

Manager of The Office of Student Support and Success

Matt Smith

As manager of the Office of Student Support and Success (OSSS), I support the OSSS staff and all of the students that utilize our services such as tutoring, academic coaching, and disability services.  

The OSSS also collaborates with university staff to promote services and support each college uniquely. Not only do we provide services to student and staff, but we also work closely with our faculty to assist them in supporting students of all learning strengths and differences.

 I hold a B.S. in Direct and Interactive Marketing from F.I.T., SUNY and a M.S. in Education, with a focus in Special Education, from Hunter College, CUNY.  

 I am a big reader and believer that books open our eyes to other worlds we might not ever know. One of my favorites is American Dirt, by Jeanine Cummins.

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