Senior Work Study Book Dedications

On May 9, 2012 The Weinberg Memorial Library and The Center for Teaching Excellence honored their senior work-study students with a luncheon. All students were presented with books dedicated to them, to be held in the Library collections. The names of the students and dedicated books are shown below.

Senior Student Workers -- 2012

Last name First Name  Major Department Book Title
Alfieri Kristin Accounting CTLE  Fixing the housing market : financial innovations for the future.
Alling Mary M. Biology CTLE Honeybee democracy / Thomas D. Seeley.
Andrews Emily K. Psychology Circulation Treating complex trauma in adolescents and young adults / John N. Briere, Cheryl B. Lanktree.
Andrews Molly T. Biology CTLE Epigenetics : the ultimate mystery of inheritance / Richard C. Francis.
Anosike Blessing A. Finance Circulation The startup game : inside the partnership between venture capitalists and entrepreneurs
Baress Joseph Communications Media The idea hunter : how to find the best ideas and make them happen / Andy Boynton and Bill Fischer with William Bole.
Byron Daniel Biology Media Flora and fauna of the Civil War : an environmental reference guide / Kelby Ouchley.
Capasso Laura Mathematics CTLE The art of the infinite : the pleasures of mathematics / Robert Kaplan and Ellen Kaplan   illustrations by Ellen Kaplan.
Carey Allison International Language and Business CTLE The world's business cultures and how to unlock them / Barry Tomalin and Mike Nicks
Caselli Nicholas Economics and Finance CTLE The growth map : economic opportunity in the BRICs and beyond / Jim O'Neill
Cuenta Krizhka Angela C. Chemistry CTLE The evolution of drug discovery : from traditional medicines to modern drugs / Enrique Raviña.
Currier Erin Occupational Therapy Media Occupational therapy and mental health / edited by Jennifer Creek, Lesley Lougher   foreword by Hanneke Van Bruggen.
Elmuccio Michelle C. Community Health Education CTLE Seeing patients : unconscious bias in health care / Augustus A. White III, with David Chanoff.
Emmenuel Jarid English Circulation The company of strangers : a natural history of economic life
Evans Jeremy Communications Media Present your way to the top / David J. Dempsey
Fisher Renae Biology CTLE Evolutionary history : uniting history and biology to understand life on earth
Gadomski Robert A. Neuroscience CTLE The design of experiments in neuroscience / Mary Harrington.
Gardner Emily Occupational Therapy Archives Kinesiology for occupational therapy / Melinda F. Rybski.
Grady Maureen History CTLE The forgotten generation : American children and World War II / Lisa L. Ossian.
Grieb Sean Computing Science CTLE - TechCon Crafting a compiler / Charles N. Fischer, Ron K. Cytron, Richard J. LeBlanc, Jr
Hawley Faith Communications Archives The social media management handbook : everything you need to know to get social media working in your business
Hawley Julia Spanish Archives New world literacy : writing and culture across the Atlantic, 1500-1700
Healey Adriana Biochemistry CTLE RNA: life's indispensable molecule
Jaworski Emily C. Human Resource Studies Circulation Business literacy survival guide for HR professionals / Regan Garey.
Kearns Justin Computing Science CTLE - TechCon The man who invented the computer : the biography of John Atanasoff, digital pioneer / Jane Smiley
Lazzara Douglas Electronic Commerce CTLE Ultimate guide to Facebook advertising : how to access 600 million customers in 10 minutes / Perry Marshall and Thomas Meloche.
Le Michael X. Biology CTLE Avian architecture : how birds design, engineer & build / Peter Goodfellow   edited by Mike Hansell.
Linko Nicole International Business Library Borderless economics : Chinese sea turtles, Indian fridges and the new fruits of global capitalism
Maida Paulina R. Biology CTLE Engineering animals : how life works / Mark Denny, Alan McFadzean.
Matus Erica A. Marketing Circulation Presenting to win : the art of telling your story / Jerry Weissman.
Patel Shrut Biology CTLE The human body close-up / John Clancy.
Patel  Chaitesh Computer Information Systems Media Mathematical and algorithmic foundations of the internet / Fabrizio Luccio and Linda Pagli   with Graham Steel.
Porto Matthew H. English Circulation Critical companion to J. K. Rowling : a literary reference to her life and work / Karley Adney and Holly Hassel.
Rivera Steve Biology Circulation Bark : a field guide to trees of the northeast / Michael Wojtech.
Thomas Brandi English CTLE The Cambridge companion to the twentieth-century English novel / edited by Robert L. Caserio
Vekaria Shivani Biology CTLE Mammal teeth : origin, evolution, and diversity / Peter S. Ungar.
Velasco Camille Occupational Therapy CTLE Restoring the spirit : the beginnings of occupational therapy in Canada, 1890-1930 / Judith Friedland.
Weimann Winona X. Biology Circulation Nerve and muscle / Richard D. Keynes, David J. Aidley, Christopher L.-H. Huang.
Wong Rose Marie English and History CTLE Lord Byron and the history of desire / Ian Dennis
Woody Mary Anne T. Biophysics CTLE Three big bangs : matter-energy, life, mind / Holmes Rolston III.
Woznock Ronald Accounting CTLE Debt : the first 5,000 years / David Graeber.

Senior Book Dedications Senior Book Dedications
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