Practical Experience

The pre-engineering program at The University of Scranton is home to a unique group of faculty and students who inspire true passion for engineering and science. With constant exchange and collaboration, the pre-engineering program prepares students to excel in engineering fields.

Above: Students compete at an IEEE Competition.


A University of Scranton pre-engineering education keeps students competitive with exciting opportunities, like: 

  • Early access to specialized equipment. Use state-of-the-art tools to challenge yourself as you push the limits of technology — our students regularly win competitions with their devices across the region.
  • Collaborative exploration. Work closely with peers and faculty mentors as you explore advanced systems. The pre-engineering program encourages a team-based approach like you will encounter in the real world. The continuous exchange and feedback will push your achievements farther than you thought possible.
  • Industry exposure. Build your resume and your network as your get real-world inspiration in the field. Get insight from industry professionals who regularly visit campus. Explore your interests with faculty-mentored projects. Challenge yourself by competing in engineering competitions.

"Students here can spend three to four weeks on some pretty nifty equipment, which they couldn’t do at a bigger university because they have too many students to accommodate."

Declan Mulhull, Professor in the Physics/EE Department