Research & Study Links

Research & Study Links

American History & Culture

        American Women's History: A Research Guide
        Library of Congress
        National Archives
        National Register of Historic Places
        Smithsonian Institution
        U.S. Census Bureau
British History & Culture

        Britannia History
        British History (BBC)
        British History Online   

Document Sources

        AmDocs - American History Documents   
        EuroDocs - European History Documents

French History & Culture

        France 2

General History

        History Journals Index
        H-Net: Humanities and Social Sciences Online
        Internet Modern History Sourcebook
        Political Resources on the Net

Geography (mega site)

German History & Culture

        German History Sources

International Studies

        CIA World Factbook    
        International Affairs Resources
        Making the History of 1989

Irish History & Culture

        Irish History Online
        National Library of Ireland 
        The Royal Irish Academy 
        Women's History Association of Ireland

Italian History & Culture

        La Repubblica
Latin American History & Culture

        Internet Resources for Latin America  
        Lanic (Latin American Network Information Center)


        Historic Map Collection        

Professional Organizations in History & International Studies      

        American Historical Association (AHA)
        International Studies Association
        Organization of American Historians (OAH) 
        The Historical Association

Other References

        Catholic Encyclopedia
        European Commission
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