International Studies Program


Offered in the Department of History, the major in International Studies provides the student with broad knowledge of world affairs through a curriculum drawn in large measure from history and political science. Students gain a full recognition and understanding of the multitudinous forces which shape the contemporary world, including nationalism, wars, political and economic ideologies, globalization, geographic factors, cultural differentials, and modern technology.  

International Studies majors are expected demonstrate the ability to conduct research regarding contemporary global issues, including the formulation of research questions and the ability to locate source materials. Majors should also understand the role of credible sources in the field of world politics. They should understand the role of the United States in world affairs and have insight into the lives, cultures, economics and politics of other regions of the world. It is expected that students will be able to communicate effectively in writing and orally concerning global and contemporary issues, results of research, and analyses. In addition, International Studies majors will have basic reading skills in a foreign language.

In order to further strengthen the student’s knowledge, a study abroad experience is encouraged; over half of International Studies majors spend a semester or more studying in a foreign country.
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