Department Mission


The History Department embraces the Catholic and Jesuit spiritual vision and tradition of intellectual excellence. Through the pursuit of the truth of humankind's past, the Department, cultivates critical scholarly habits and answers St Ignatius's call for his followers to "seek God in all things." In so doing, members of the Department and their students seek a keener understanding of the human experience and their own lives.

The Department enhances the liberal arts mission of the university by providing historical perspectives on the human condition and improving student's abilities to read perceptively, write cogently, and think logically. The Department's scholars and students study documents and artifacts in order to reconstruct and understand the human endeavor. Students gain cultural awareness as they learn how to find, evaluate, and apply information about past human activities.

History alumni are equipped to navigate an ever-changing job market and world. The courses, research opportunities, internships, and co-curricular activities offered by the Department support the pursuit of a wide range of careers in such varied fields as education, archives and museum administration, law medicine, and public service. By stressing the applicability of historical skills and knowledge, our faculty prepare students to be versatile, rigorous, and empathetic thinkers wherever life may take them.



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