History Program


The Department of History offers two majors to University students. The major in History leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree. The major in International Studies leads to a Bachelor of Science degree. Both programs are serviced by full-time faculty who bring to their classrooms a love for their specific areas of history and an enthusiasm for classroom teaching. Their individual teaching styles provide students with a wide variety of learning experiences. Through advisement, the faculty encourages students to tailor their programs to their individual interests and career goals, thus taking advantage of the flexible courses of study built into both programs.  History and International Studies majors have gone on to careers in many fields, including education, business, communications, government, and law.

Major in History  

History is the memory of human experience. The Department of History seeks to provide its students with an understanding of the significant institutions, events, trends, and individuals that have shaped that experience, thus helping them to develop a better understanding of contemporary cultures and the human condition.

The student majoring in History will be expected to demonstrate an understanding of the development of human society and culture through the study of the past, specifically the history of Europe (from the Renaissance through the 20th Century) and the United States (from its beginnings through the 20th Century). To accomplish this, the student will identify and describe the major individuals, groups, institutions, ideas, and events that have helped to shape political, social, and economic developments over time; identify and describe major historical eras or periods that have led to the present; and identify and describe the principle of cause and effect and relate historical examples. In addition, the History major will apply the procedures used by historians to find and document sources, collect evidence and draw conclusions in completing original research. The History major will write and speak effectively about historical issues.

Minor in History

A minor in History (18 credits) should include HIST 110-111 or HIST 120-121 or HIST 125-126 plus any four additional history courses.
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