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Shared Principles

The University of Scranton, animated by our Catholic and Jesuit values, embraces the human dignity of each individual, and welcomes a diversity of cultural, ethnic, racial, religious, national, international, and socioeconomic backgrounds, and affectional orientation, genders, abilities, disabilities, and all identities that comprise the human experience. We believe diversity furthers the academic, personal, and professional growth and empowerment of all members of our community.  To truly value diversity and ensure we are developing people for and with others, we must foster belonging and inclusion for everyone and work toward a more just future.

To create a truly inclusive, just, and equitable diverse community, we commit to the following priorities:
  • Transparency and acknowledgment in relation to our University’s history and our path forward.
  • An inclusive, educational student experience that fosters a strong sense of belonging for all and robust co-curricular opportunities.
  • Extensive curricular offerings and opportunities for faculty development relative to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.
  • Recruitment and retention of a diverse faculty, staff, and student community through DEI training and best practices to further develop an inclusive organizational culture.
  • A campus environment that is both universally accessible and inclusive, and values the multiplicity of identities, lived experiences, perspectives, roles, and abilities of our campus community and constituencies.
  • Engage with and listen to alumni and others to help achieve aspirations to be a more inclusive and welcoming community.

Let us share in this movement of inclusion of others, in order to be witnesses of the mercy with which God has welcomed, and welcomes, each one of us.

Pope Francis

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