Pedestrian Safety Event Held on Mulberry Street


Representatives from The University of Scranton's Public Safety department and Student Government joined with PennDOT, Lackawanna County Highway Safety and the Scranton Police Department on November 19 to educate University students and motorists about pedestrian safety.

The event was held on Mulberry Street and aimed to increase safety awareness. Lighted cross walks were installed last year by The University of Scranton, with PennDOT's approval, on Mulberry Street near the University's DeNaples Center and Fitness Center and Apartment Complex. These cross walks alert motorists to the presence of pedestrians and increase visibility of the crosswalks themselves. 

A two-sided handout was given out at the event, including tips for pedestrians to insure safety when walking to class or other campus activities.

Pedestrian safety guidelines included: cross only at marked crosswalks at intersections, make clear your intent to cross, look left, right and left again before crossing and stay within crosswalk, and if vehicles are so close to prevent a hazard-wait. Additionally, the handout contained tips for motorists. Motorists are encouraged to slow down, scan back and forth and to follow the law that requires that all motorists yield to pedestrians.  For additional information please view the story in the Scranton Times Tribune and on WBRE.  

Picture Above: From left to right is Lieutenant DJ Yestrepsky, University of Scranton Public Safety; April Hannon, Bicycles and Pedestrians Coordinator for PennDOT District 4 in Dunmore; Mike Taluto, Safety Press Officer, PennDOT; Donald Bergman, Director, University of Scranton Public Safety; Rebecca Rybak, Northeast Highway Safety Coordinator; Kathy Fox, Lackawanna County Highway Safety Coordinator; Corporal Richard Bachman, Scranton Police Department; Administrative Lieutenant, Len Namiotka, Scranton Police Department.