Frequently Asked Questions - Faculty/Staff Community Service Input Form

What is the purpose of this form?

This online form is designed as a recording tool to collect information on University of Scranton community service being performed by staff and faculty in a professional and/or personal capacity. It will serve as a useful tool for the University as it tracks, assesses, reports out on and celebrates community service activities.  For highlights of the 2014 survey results, with profiles of faculty and staff community engagement stories, click here

How do I access the form?

Click here to acces the Faculty/Staff Community Service Input form.  (Unlike previous years, the survey is now housed in Survey Monkey and is accessible on or off campus). 

Is this form mandatory?

No, this is an optional, voluntary form provided as a user-friendly way to track service activities. 

How do you define “community”?

The purpose of this form is to inform the University on activities related to Northeastern Pennsylvania. 

This is a "community service” form - does it relate to only voluntary activity or work-related activity as well?

The survey defines “Volunteer” Activities as unpaid activity to benefit others (individuals, community organizations, religious groups, etc.) and defines “Service” or other community-related activities as those that can be done as a personal activity or relate to your role/job at the University. The form is designed to capture voluntary activity that you are performing on your personal time and asks you to report on work-related activity that is community-oriented and draws on skills, experience and resources connected to the University. The form collects information on both types of activity so that we can have a full picture of all the community service-oriented activity being performed by University employees. 

How does this form relate to the Annual Report?

This form replaces the section in the Annual Report where staff and faculty previously submitted community service information to their supervisor or Department Chair.  When you fill out the Annual Report you will see a link to the form. 

Does this form replace or relate to tenure or other faculty reporting requirements?

No, this form does not supplant other faculty or staff reporting requirements as they relate to community service.  Staff and faculty may decide to cut and paste their response to the form’s questions to be able to use this information for other purposes.   

How does this form relate to the Mission/Community Service leave policy for staff?

This process is separate from the University’s Mission/Community Service Leave. 

The University encourages its employees to live out service to others and to reflect on questions of value and meaning.   This Mission/Community Service Leave program allows employees to voluntarily participate in University-sponsored spiritual retreats or in approved mission-related or community-service related activities that occur during regularly scheduled work hours and provides up to three days paid leave per calendar year. In order to receive the employee benefit of paid leave, those hours and that service must be reported separately to Human Resources using the Mission/Community Service form, which can be found here.  

When should I complete this form?

The form is ongoing.  Staff and faculty can submit the form at any time throughout the calendar year.  It will be promoted to employees once per year during the spring semester. 

How is the information in this form going to be used?

Information from the form will be used in public materials, such as University press releases, Community Relations e-newsletters and applications for recognition (Carnegie Foundations' Community Engagement Classification and President’s Honor Roll for Community Service), so please be sure to answer the final questions indicating whether you are comfortable with your responses being shared. Last year the highlights were included in The Scranton Journal.

To whom can I direct questions?

Any questions can be directed to the Office of Community Relations at or X4419. 

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