RoyalSync - Guidance for Spring 2021


RoyalSync is the University of Scranton's hub for student activities and engagement on campus. This online platform offers a variety of features to help your organization operate in person and virtually. 

Clubs and Organizations are encouraged to enhance their RoyalSync portal so that it can provide and online venue for students seeking ways to engage on campus. RoyalSync portals can be enhanced by:

  • Registering all your events, meetings, and programs into your RoyalSync portal.
  • Adding photos, club videos, and linking YouTube accounts to your RoyalSync Portal
Please note, your RoyalSync portal will be the main avenue for engagement on campus this semester – make your portal stand out! 

Tracking Attendance at In-Person Meetings  - Contactless

RoyalSync allows clubs and organizations the ability to track attendance at meetings and events using the Royal Card. Typically, the Center for Student Engagement loans out card swipe readers for organizations to use to track attendance. This year, we are encouraging organizations to track attendance contactlessly using the attendee's Royal ID number. There are two ways to track attendees:

Through RoyalSync on a web browser:
  1. Attendees can be added starting one hour before an event's start time through one hour after the event's end time. From the left navigation menu on the RoyalSync Admin Dashboard, click on Events: 


  2. Click on the link for the event you will be checking folks in to. Then, click on the attendees tab at the top of the page. On the right side of the screen, you'll see a button to "Add Attendees": 


  3. A pop up box will appear allowing you to check folks in by entering their email, entering their ID number, or swiping their id through a card reader: 


  4. After each entry, click the Check In button. A confirmation message will appear in the bottom right of the screen when an attendee is successfully added:

  1. Through the Checkpoint app on iOS and Android devices:

    1. Download the app (“Presence CheckPoint”) from the App Store

      1. CheckPoint for iOS

      2. CheckPoint for Android

    2. Open the App and Select "PIN LOGIN" on apple devices or "SCAN" for android

    3. Enter the four digit PIN associated to that event.

      1. The Event PIN is a unique 4 digit code that is generated whenever an event is created. On the "Events" page on the Admin Dashboard in RoyalSync, search for your event using the search bar at the top. For all events, you will see a column titled PIN. 

    4. Click on "Manual Entry".

    5. Enter the attendee's Royal ID or Scranton email address.

    6. Note, The event PIN will only become active one hour before an event begins until one hour after an event ends

Track Attendees at Virtual Events (Using Zoom)

Step 1: Create Your Event In Zoom

The first step will be to create your event in Zoom so you can generate the Zoom meeting link that will be placed in the Location field of your event!  

After logging in to Zoom, click the button to schedule a meeting. Here are a few tips for creating a meeting that will work with the Zoom integration!

  • Topic: Use the name of the RoyalSync Event in the "Topic" line of your Zoom meeting. This will make finding the correct corresponding meeting much easier!
  • When: Enter the time of date of your event. This should match the information that you'll be entering into RoyalSync.
  • Recurring Meeting: Do not check this box. Recurring meetings are not supported and will not import your attendees.
  • Meeting ID: Be sure to select "Generate Automatically". Do not use the PMI option! PMIs are not supported and will not import your attendees.
  • Security: Passcodes are optional and can be used with the Zoom integration! Waiting rooms are also an optional selection you can select if you wish!


Step 1: Incorporating Zoom Into Your RoyalSync Event

The first step is event creation! From the left navigation menu on the RoyalSync Admin Dashboard, click on Create, then choose Event:

Enter the Zoom meeting link in the Location field. You’ll want to choose the meeting link that is specific for this event. Using a unique Zoom meeting link will be essential to the importing process. After inputting the date and time, place your unique Zoom link into the Location field:

Once your event has been created, your participants will be able to click on the "Join on Zoom" button right on the event. Attendees will be prompted to sign in to the Zoom account that is associated with their campus email address.

And now comes the hardest part: Hosting your awesome event! Everything else is automated. When the virtual meeting ends, the attendees to your event will be added into RoyalSync without any additional steps needed on your part. Questions? Email for assistance.


We are here to help! All questions regarding clubs and organizations can be directed to Patricia Cummings at
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