Launched in July 2019, THR1VE seeks to celebrate and support students who identify as first-generation college students (students whose parents have not completed an undergraduate degree) throughout their time at The University of Scranton. Information about programming and services is available via our email newsletter and on our social media! Find out more about our programs and initiatives below.



THR1VE sends out emails to all first-generation students at their email address. Each newsletter contains announcements about the campus community, important dates, involvement and job opportunities on campus and in the greater Scranton community, links to helpful resources, and a list of upcoming events.


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A program for first-gen students by first-gen students! First year students are paired with sophomore, junior, or senior mentors. Through individual and small group meetings, students will learn more about campus, tips and tricks to navigate academic and social life, and make new friends.

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Leadership Opportunities

There are a variety of ways students can become involved in the THR1VE program; as program attendees, GU1DE Participants, Advisory Board members, or Student Coordinators. Click below to learn about more ways to get involved!

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Faculty and Staff Mentors/Advocates

This resource is designed to connect first-generation Scranton students with first-generation faculty and staff members on our campus. Meet informally with members of our faculty and staff who are here to assist you!

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How to Speak Scranton

Colleges and universities have unique languages, and The University of Scranton is no different. On campus, the people you interact with use abbreviations and terms that you may not be familiar with. To make things a little easier, we've prepared this comprehensive guide to the language of the University. The guide is broken up into five major categories, and these categories are further subdivided so that you can find exactly what you're looking for at any point.

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