Student Government Organizations - Additional Guidelines

We know there is are a lot of new guidelines and procedures to follow this year. We hope the information below will help you continue to operate your organizations.

Community Service Requirements

The activity of clubs and organization is an asset to our Scranton community, and we remain committed to encouraging and fostering club engagement. We understand this is a demanding task, and as always, these efforts have not gone unnoticed.

In order to ease this demand, Student Government will be temporarily waiving the community service requirement all clubs and organizations must complete for the Spring 2021 semester. While we encourage clubs to continue acts of community service where it is appropriate and compliant with both state and University COVID-19 policies, we will not be requiring service for the Spring 2021 semester.

If you have completed community service events, such as assisting as Fall Move-in volunteers, that will be recognized and counted towards your organization.


In order to encourage recruitment of new students into clubs and organizations, we are discouraging the collection of dues for this semester. If your club and organization are mandated to collect dues, as some clubs may be required to do so if they are a part of a national organization, please reach out to Rachael Gallagher ( in order to navigate this process and options for collecting dues.
Please note, student clubs and organizations are not permitted to use Venmo at any time. This includes the collection of dues or payments of any kind.


We are here to help! All questions regarding clubs and organizations can be directed to Patricia Cummings at
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