Leadership Programming Interns

Leadership Programming Intern(s) assist in the development, implementation, and evaluation of the leadership initiatives and programs for the Center for Student Engagement.

Meghan Campbell

Class of 2016

Hometown: Doylestown, PA

Major: Operations Management and Entrepreneurship

Involvements: Orientation Assistant, Operations Management Club, University of Scranton Business Club Student Representative, Scranton Emerging Leaders Graduate, Omega Beta Sigma Honor Society

Definition of Leadership: Leadership is not just an inherent characteristic, but a way of life in which a person uses their personal skill set to enthusiastically guide and develop a community towards a common purpose.

Favorite Thing at Scranton: The community of welsomeing and enthusiastic students who are all looking to meet new people and get involved on campus is what has made my Scranton experience so enjoyable.

Maura McGowan

Class of 2016

Hometown: Scranton, PA

Major: Exercise Science with a Nutrition Concentration and Psychology Minor

Involvements: Social Programming Chair for the Commuter Student Association, University of Scranton Dance Team, Exercise Science Club, Volunteer Teaching Assistant, Intramural Basketball

Definition of Leadership:  Leadership is being able to manage tasks and people effectively while creating relationships in which all parties learn and grow from the experience of working toward a common goal.

Favorite Thing at Scranton:  The sense of community is unparalleled.  Whether it is between students, faculty, or staff, it is always felt, and it's so welcoming.

Megan Azzalina

Class of 2015

Hometown: Easton, PA

Major: Communication with a track in Public Relations and monors in Business and Busines Leadership

Involvements: Orientation Team Leader, Captain of The University of Scranton Women's Tennis Team, Business Leadership Honors Program, International Service Program Alumnae, Scranton Emerging Leaders Graduate, Alpha Lamda Delta Honor Society, Omega Beta Sigma Women's Business Honor Society Intramural Athletics, and Mountain Sports Club

Definition of Leadership: I define leadership as the ability to move a group forward as theur strive to achieve a common goal.  Leadership involves strong communication, a high level of trust and a distince willingness to put oneself out there to take risks.  A great leadership is a person who is so passionate about a specific goal that others can see that enthusiasm in the leader's daily actions as they put others before oneself.  When a leader sincerely demonstrates this fervor, I believe it is inspiring and motivating to the group at hand.

Favorite Thing at Scranton: My favorite thing at The University of Scranotn is the opportunity to become involved in so many different activities.  I am fortunate to work with a very supportive group of faculty and staff who motivate me to pursue what I am most passionate about during my time at the University.  Having the opportunity to be involved on campus as a varsity athlete and a student leader is truly a blessing that continues to shape my college experience for the better.

Keri Thorpe

Class of 2016

Hometown:Valley Cottage, NY

Major:Human Resources with minors in Business and Entrepreneurship 

InvolvementsOrientation Assistant, Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence Tutor, Society for Human Resources Management Student Chapter, Entrepreneurship Club, Intramural Volleyball 

Definition of leadershipA leader is a person who is passionate about maximizing the efforts of others to achieve achieve a goal.  

Favorite thing at ScrantonThe University of Scranton is unlike any other place, it is such a warm and welcoming environment. The genuine people that I have met here at the U is my favorite part of Scranton. 

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