Weigh in Wednesday/Nutrition

Weigh-in Wednesday

New scale locations for Weigh-in Wednesday 

Stepping on the scale can feel scary, but it doesn't have to! Weighing yourself regularly can be a powerful tool in helping to reach health goals, increase accountability and can serve as a source of motivation. Weigh-in every Wednesday (or any other day of the week) at one of CHEW's four scales located around campus. (Scale locations below). Don't worry, you don’t share the number on the scale with anyone but yourself- just show up and hop on the scale! 

Weigh-in Wednesday details: 

  • Staff & Faculty Weigh-in every Wednesday (or any other day) at any scale location around campus (The weight is confidential. No need to track or report to anyone.) 9:00am-4:00 pm
  • Sign your full name and date using CHEW’s sign in sheet located at the scale. 


Four Convenient Scale Locations:

1. The DeNaples Center, CHEW 205 K 

2. Alumni Memorial Hall, 1st floor lobby

3. O'Hara Hall. 1st floor lobby by vending machines

4.The Byron Center, The entrance office where you swipe to enter



WW-Weight Watchers -  At work series with digital tools began  January 6, 2022 

Weight Watchers + approach has more toold designed to help make weight loss easier. From Meal planning to goal setting, the WW behavior change science helps you eat well, move more, sleep better and shift your mindset. 

At least 15 participants must join for the group on campus become a reality

If you are interested with being added to the list, email chew@scranton.edu