Most retreats are led by a team of students who diligently prepare developing all the skills needed to facilitate a transformational experience for their peers.  A major component of each retreat are witness talks, also known as life experiences, written and delivered by the team leaders.  After each talk, the participants are invited to discuss the topic further in small groups and how it relates to their lives. Throughout the retreat are prayer services connected to the retreat themes, fun, games, food and relaxation.

Each retreat addresses a different spiritual theme and may use different methods to help participants grow in their faith. Each retreat is viewed as one small piece to a puzzle and when pieced together, it creates a larger picture.  

Please contact The Office of Campus Ministry at 570-941-7419 or for more information or help in determining which retreat might be best for you.

2023-24 Retreats

Connections                        September 15-16
Mother Daughter                  October 7-8
Ignatian Silent                      October 13-15*
Four Elements                      October 15*
Search                                   November 10-12
Study Getaway                     December 9-10 *
Commuter                             January 12-13
A Desert Experience             January 16-22 *
Divinely Designed                 February 2-4
Journey Through Lent          February 14 *
Search                                    February 16-18
Manresa                                 February 23-25
Praise and Worship              March 1-2
Senior                                     April 5-6
Magic and Meaning              April 12-13
Born To Be Wild                    April 20 *
Search                                    April 26-2

Please see retreat descriptions for further details.

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Chapman Lake Retreat Center

Chapman Lake Retreat Center

The University's Retreat Center is located approximately 30 minutes from campus on picturesque Chapman Lake.The center, complete with dining facilities, meeting rooms and overnight guest rooms, was constructed in 1998 and expanded eight years later.

In November 2006, Blessed Peter Faber Chapel (now St. Peter Faber) was dedicated, a modern chapel complete with large window views of the Lake and the beautiful surroundings.

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