Retreat Descriptions

Four Elements

Hike in Ricketts Glen State park!

This one day retreat invites participants to connect the four elements to different aspects of faith.
Themes covered:
  • Water - Spiritual Refreshment & Immersion
  • Wind - Letting Go & Letting God
  • Earth - Finiteness & Humility
  • Fire - Passion & Spiritual Warmth


Start Connecting!

This retreat is for First Year Students only.

Connections aids first-year students with their transition to college life in an atmosphere of prayer and reflection.
Themes covered:
Life Before Scranton
The First Year
Singing is Praying Twice
Formed by Jesuit Ideals
First Intersession Back Home

Mother Daughter

Ignatian Silent

Listen to Silence. It has much to say...

Study Getaway

Study with friends!

The Study Getaway in NOT a retreat. We offer quite, peaceful spaces throughout the Chapman Lake Retreat Center for students to prepare for finals.


A Desert Experience

Jesus spent 40 day in the desert, our experience will be 6 days!

This retreat takes place in Death Valley, CA, where students are introduced to contemplation while camping, hiking and exploring.

Themes covered:
  • Self-actualization
  • Dying and Rising
  • Revelation and Incarnation
  • Perspective

Divinely Designed

"Designed" specifically for women!

During the retreat we hope each young women will be reminded that she has been loved and uniquely created by God.

Themes covered:
  • Finding and Using Your Voice
  • Body Image
  • Self-Care
  • Relationships
  • Sexuality
  • Forgiveness
  • Faith and Spirituality


Praise and Worship


Re'Connect' One Last Time!

This retreat is for seniors only. 

Magic and Meaning

Based on themes from Disney movies

Born To Be Wild

Hike to "The Top of the World"

During this one-day retreat you will hike the Dunmore Pines Barrens and connects elements of the hike to different aspects of faith.

Themes covered:
  • Knowing God’s Trust
  • Failing Forward
  • Being a Caretaker of Creation
  • Finding Peace & Wishing it for Others
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