Dr. Katherine A. Stumpo



University of New Hampshire
Department of Biochemistry
Postdoctoral Fellow (Advisor: Prof. Vern Reinhold
Nov 2008 – June 2010

Texas A&M University
Department of Chemistry
Ph.D. Chemistry (Advisor: Prof. David H. Russell
Dec 2008

University of Northern Iowa
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
B.S. Chemistry - Biochemistry Emphasis (Advisor: Curtiss D. Hanson)
May 2003

Kate is originally from the great cornfields of Iowa, but claimed the Northeast as her true home after living in New Hampshire. Besides Chemistry, she is passionate about gardening and dogs. Notable achievements include flying with NASA’s Zero-Gravity Student Flight Opportunities Program as an undergraduate and she once out-ran a tired student in the middle of an empty street in Germany after a long week of touring scientific centers.

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