Summary of Courses Taught

Undergraduate Courses

INTD 100P                 Freshman Seminar

EDUC 113                  Reading Research

EDUC 140                  Introduction to Early Childhood Education

EDUC 141                  History and Philosophy of Education

EDUC 225                  Planning for Differentiated Instruction         

EDUC 250                  Early Development and Intervention

EDUC 251                  Development of the Early Learner

EDUC 257                  Family Collaboration and Diversity

EDUC 346                  Social Studies Methods – PreK-4

EDUC 349                Integrated Methods: Elementary Language Arts/Social Studies

EDUC 357                  Integrated Curriculum: Methods Grades 2-4

EDUC 441-4               Student Teaching       

Graduate Courses

ECUI 512                    Cross-Cultural and Global Perspectives in Education

                                   (both as a campus-based course and Travel course to Kenya)

ECUI 536                    Teaching the Gifted Child

EELM 506                  Integrated Studies:  Social Studies and Language Arts

EELM 564                  Language Arts/Social Studies Methods*

EECE 506                   Development of the Early Learner

EFND 521                   Advanced Foundations of Education

ERDG 516                  Reading in the Content Areas

Graduate Online Courses

ECUI 506                    Curriculum Theory and Development

ECUI 542                    Literacy and Diversity

EFND 521                   Advanced Foundations of Education

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