Administrative Position

On January 1, 2005, I took over as Interim Associate Dean for Arthur J. Kania School of Management (KSOM). All training for the position occurred on the job. At the time, the main focus of the position was to oversee maintenance of accreditation to The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). My involvement with AACSB began in the fall of 2001 when the dean asked me to be part of the faculty team that would serve as the leadership group for guiding the college through the preparation for our forthcoming AACSB review. Within the year, I became co-coordinator for the AACSB maintenance effort in KSOM and then took on the main responsibility for achieving maintenance of accreditation when I became Associate Dean.

In 2006, Maintenance of AACSB Accreditation was achieved

As Associate Dean, my main duties include the following:

  • Responsible for problem students (academically and behaviorally)
  • Worked closely with KSOM advisors, registrar and bursar to solve student problems
  • Point person on a variety of special projects: AACSB maintenance, developing a financial learning lab, strategic planning for KSOM, conversion of faculty database, Business Club EXPO, Brennan Hall birthday celebration
  • Oversaw KSOM budget from 1/1/2005 - 6/30/2005 (when new dean took over)
  • Worked closely with Assistant Dean and faculty chairs on scheduling classes and faculty chairs on scheduling classes and faculty for the college each semester
  • Resolved scheduling problems that occurred
  • Responsible for pushing curriculum changes through the proper channels and into the catalog
  • Moderator of Business Club
  • Responsible for business school surveys such as Princeton Review, Business Week, etc.
  • Responsible for AACSB Annual Report
  • Directly involved in creating an internal communication system
  • Helped dean develop a governance system for KSOM - responsible for setting up committee charges and processes
  • Directly involved in external relations - helped to establish a KSOM Advisory Board, communicate with benefactors, etc.
  • Chair Dean's Conference 1/1/2005 - 6/30/2005 (until new dean took over)
  • Chair Strategic Planning COmmittee
  • Chair of AACSB Steering COmmittee
  • Chair Task Force on Developing a Trading Lab
  • Developed hierarch for new KSOM server
  • Managed dean's office staff and responsible for hiring
  • Institutional in putting together a faculty development plan
  • Responsible for meeting with prospective students and their parents each fall and spring, and making a presentation about KSOM: the curriculum and expectations
  • Created a partnership with IQS in Barcelona Spain for exchange of students
  • Attended various seminars, workshops and conferences on behalf of the dean and reported back
  • Inventoried equipment
  • Acted in conjunction with graduate dean to establish flexible MBA program and develop a more coordinated approach to the KSOM MBA program
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