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J. Kania School of Management

University of Scranton
Scranton, Pennsylvania
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May 1994 Ph.D., Binghamton University
(State University of New York at Binghamton)
Dissertation topic: "An Examination of Business to Business Customer Satisfaction: The Depth of Use/Integration if High Technology Products"
May 1984 M.B.A, University of Scranton
May 1981 B.S., University of Scranton
Major: Business Administration


Date Affiliation
Jan 2005 to May 31, 2006 University of Scranton, Scranton, PA
Interim Associate Dean of the Kania School of Management

Coordinated AACSB accreditation maintenance efforts in KSOM, worked closely with graduate dean to establish flexible MBA program and develop a more coordinated approach to the SKOM MBA program, supervised staff, coordinated special projects for KSOM, regularly saw students and worked with many to resolve various problems, often reassured concerned many parents, sat on and chaired numerous KSOM committees, worked with assistant dean and faculty to develop semester schedules, attended conferences and seminars and reported information back to the dean, reviewed and helped to maintain the KSOM budget, coordinated special events for KSOM, inventoried equipment, and acted as mentor to the KSOM Business Club.
Sept 1997 to Jan 2005 University of Scranton, Scranton, PA
Associate Professor for the Kania School of Management. Received tenure fall of 2001 and the rank of associate in the fall of 2002. Teaching graduate and undergraduate level and a special Business Leadership Introduction to Management course. I also offer short-term study abroad courses to Europe and South America. I am Responsible for approximately 95 students a semester and I am involved in University service and active research. I Supervise student internships, honors thesis and participate in the student/faculty research program.
Sept 1994 to May 1997 University of Scranton, Scranton, PA
Lecturer for the School of Management
Taught Introduction to Management, Business Leadership Introduction To management, Consumer behavior and Organized Behavior. I was responsible for approximately 85 students a semester. I was also involved in University service and active research, and I supervised student internships.
Sept 1990 to May 1991 & Jan 1994 to May 1994 State University of New York at Binghamton
Lecturer for the School of Management
Taught Introduction to Marketing. Responsible for approximately 175 students per semester. Supervised two graduate teaching assistants.
Sept 1983 to June 1988 Marywood University, Scranton, PA
Lecturer in the Department of Business and Managerial Science.
Teaching load consisted of a variety of undergraduate courses including Principles of Marketing. Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Management, and Advertising. Served as advisor for approximately 50 students and as moderator of Phi Beta Lambda.


  • Introduction to Management (MGT 351)
  • Introduction to Management for Business Leadership Program (BLDR 351)
  • Organizational Behavior (MGT 352)
  • Introduction to Marketing (MKT 351)
  • Business Marketing (MKT 484)
  • Consumer Behavior (MKT 362)
  • Consumer Behavior (graduate) (MKT 564)
  • International Marketing (MKT 475)
  • International Marketing (graduate) (MKT 563)
  • Marketing Management (graduate) (MKT 506)
  • Special Seminar in Latin American Business (MKT 490)
  • Graduate reader in Relationship Marketing (MKT 569)
  • Graduate reader in Sustainability (MKT 569)
  • Study Abroad (MGT 484, MKT 484, IB 484)
  • Marketing Management for the Beijing International MBA program, which resides in the Center for Economic Research at Peking University, People's Republic of China, May 25 - June 23, 2002.
  • Senior Honor's Project
  • Internships (14 since summer of 1994)
  • Prepared fifteen new courses since fall 1994, six of the courses were unique courses developed by me
  • Teach in the Business Leadership Program (fall 1995 to present)
  • Created a new MBA second capstone course on Responsibility, Sustainability, and Justice (MGT 501)
  • Developed a new undergraduate marketing elective, Sustainable Marketing (MKT 484) which was offered spring 2007


Funding Financial support for dissertation research (in excess of $35,000) provided by a major high technology company.

1995, 1996, 1997 School of Management (University of Scranton) Intellectual Contribution research awards (five).

1996 University of Scranton Intersession Research Grant for $2,500 awarded to the study of feasibility of the University of Scranton's School of Management instituting an environmental business program.

1997 OID Improving Teaching Grant awarded to attended the 1997 BELL Conference in Washington, D.C. on Environmental Business.

2000 Summer Grant (Faculty Development Board) for $6,000 awarded to free me to complete field study research in Brazil.

2000 Internal Research Funding in the amount of $15,000 to help defray expenses related to conducting field research in Brazil.

2004 Summer Grant (Faculty Development Board) for $3,000 awarded to free me to complete development of a capstone course on sustainability for the MBA program.

Journal/Book Publications (Refereed) Mckeage, Robert L., Tischler, Len and Cann, Cynthia W. "Using an Online Store to Augment the Learning of Leadership Fundamentals." The Journal of American Academy of Business, 2007, 10,2, Forthcoming.

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Cann, Cynthia (September 15, 2005), invited panelist, "A Panel Discussion on the Effects of Katrina from the Perspectives of Business, Biology, Public Policy, Public Health, and Ethics," University of Scranton.

Cann, Cynthia W. and Natalya Parente Boock (February 25 - 27, 2005), "An Investigation into the Relationship between Organizations that Communicate a Commitment to Sustainability versus Those That Communicate a Commitment to Sustainability and Embed Sustainability into their Operations," The International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability. (virtual presentation).

Cann, Cynthia W. and Michael C. Cann (March 3, 2004), "Sustainability," Justice Club, University of Scranton.

Cann, Cynthia W. and Michael C. Cann (November 17, 2003), "Sustainability in a Global Contex", International Education Week, International Center, University of Scranton

Invited Panel Presenter and Discussant: "Ecology, Environment and Development: The Role of the University," The Internationalization of Higher Education Revisited: The Americas In a Global Contex, Thirteenth Annual International Conference of European - American University Forum, November 3 - 6, 2003, San Jose, Costa Rica.

Invited Presenter: "Sustainability," Parent's College, September 27, 2003, University of Scranton.

Invited speaker (July 28, 2003), Course entitled, "Wanted: Educators Determined to Help Save the World, One Classroom at a Time," Working Toward a Sustainable Future, The Center for clean Products and Clean Technologies, University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Cann, Cynthia W. and Michael C. Cann (September 19, 2002), "Business, Green Chemistry (GC) and Other Sustainable Practices," Secretary David Hess of Department of Environmental Protection, State of Pennsylvania, University of Scranton.

Invited Panel Presenter: "The Business Perspective on Justice," Panel on Justice, Trustee Day, February 6, 2002, University of Scranton.

Invited speaker (June 4, 2002), "The Strategic Approach to Corporate Sustainable Development," Baosteel, Sanghai, Peoples Republic of China.

Invited speaker (July 25, 2001), "Marketing Green Chemistry Inside and Outside Your Organization," at a one-day conference on Green Chemistry: The Next Technology Wave, Portland, Oregon.

Cann, Cynthia (November 2000), "CTBC Telecommunications," North American Case Research Association Annual Meeting, San Antonio, Texas.

Other Reviewer (June 2005) for International Journal of Environmental, Cultural, Economic, and Social Sustainability.

Reviewer (February 2005) for the Marketing Strategy and Marketing management track of the 2005 American Marketing Association Summer Marketing Educators' Conference Proceedings scheduled to be published for the July 2005 Conference.

Chair (June 3, 2001) for the session entitled "Firm and Industry Case Studies" at the 2001 Conference of the Academy of International Business Northeast U.S.A. Regional Meeting.

Discussant (June 2, 2001) session on Regional Market Issues at the 2001 Conference of the Academy of International Business Northeast U.S.A. Regional Meeting

Co-Editor of the Proceedings of the 2001 Conference of the Academy of International Business Northeast U.S.A. Regional Meeting, Scranton, PA, (June 1 - 3, 2001)

Reviewer (December 1999) for Academy of Marketing Science Conference Proceedings scheduled to be published for the May 2000 Conference. Alma Mintu-Wimsatt, track chair.

Invited panel member and presenter: "Study Abroad Programs: Important Role in Curricular Globalization," for Eastern Academy of Management Conference Managing in a Global Economy VIII (June 1999), Prague, Czech Republic.

Reviewer (January 1999) for Business Association of Latin American Studies (BALAS) 1999 Conference. Lyn S. Amine, track chair.

Panel member for Undergraduate Curriculum Mini Conference (November 1998), "Short-term Study Abroad - an Important Contributor to the Business Curriculum".

Reviewer for a special issue of the Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing on organizational buying. Elizabeth J. Wilson, editor.

Discussant during the session entitled, "Consumer Behavior Patterns," at the 1995 Northeast Decision Sciences Institute annual meeting, Providence, Rhode Island, March 22 - 24.

Working Paper Cann, Cynthia W. and Alan Brumagim. One paper entitled "Using Project Management Techniques to Aid in Successfully Achieving The Association To Advance Collegiate Schools Of Business (AACSB) Accreditation and Maintenance of Accreditation" was submitted to the Journal of Education for Business March 2007. We are currently working on another paper with slightly different perspective by using AACSB accreditation as an example of using project management techniques.

Cann, Cynthia W. A paper on relationship between U.S. teenagers, consumption and sustainability for possible journal publication.

Professional Involvement/Service
  • Member of American Marketing Association, Alpha Mu Alpha, Mu Kappa Tau, Decision Sciences Institute, Academy of Marketing Science, Academy of International Business, Business Association of Latin American Studies, North American Case Research Association, American Association of University Professors
  • 1995 - present, active member of the Faculty Board of Advisors for the Business Leadership Program
  • 1998 - spring 2003, elected member of Faculty Senate
  • 1998 - present, member of advisory team for Center for International Business
  • 1999 - 2001, member of Committee for Undergraduate Enrollment
  • 1999 - spring 2002, chair of Faculty Senate Budget and Planning Committee
  • 1999 - 2003, member of The University Planning Committee
  • Spring 2000, member of the Search Committee for the Associate VP for Communications and Marketing
  • 2000 - spring 2003, Faculty Senate representative to the Enrollment Management subcommittee of the Board of Trustees
  • 2000 - spring 2003, member of the Student Publications Board
  • 2001 - member of the Admissions Advisory Group
  • 2001 - present, member of Committee on University Image and Promotion (CUIP)
  • 2002 - present, Co-Chair of the KSOM Effort for AACSB Accreditation Maintenance
  • 2003 - present, member of Enrollment Management Advisory Group
  • 2004 - present, member of Retention Committee
  • 2004 - present, member of President's Task Force on Sustainability
  • 2007 - Jesuit MBA Committee
  • 2007 - Committee on Jesuit Experience for the First Year Experience

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