For additional listing of professional conference presentations, please see my curriculum vitae.

  • Cann, Cynthia W. and Peter Janson. "A Review of Environmental Accounting: Recognition, Manipulation, and Recommendation." Eighth Annual Meeting Academy of Business Disciplines, Forthcoming. (Ft. Myers, FA, November 9 - 11, 2006)
  • Cann, Cynthia W. (September 15, 2005), invited panelist, "A Panel Discussion on the Effects of Katrina from the Perspective of Business, Biology, Public Policy, Public Health and Ethics," University of Scranton
  • Cann, Cynthia W. and Natalya Parente Boock (February 25 - 27, 2005), "An Investigation into the Relationship between Organizations that Communicate a Commitment to Sustainability versus Those That Communicate a Commitment to Sustainability and Embed Sustainability into their Operations", The International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability. (virtual presentation).
  • Cann, Cynthia W. and Michael C. Cann (March 3, 2004), "Sustainability," Justice Club, University of Scranton.
  • Cann, Cynthia W. and Michael C. Cann (November 17, 2003), "Sustainability in a Global Context", International Education Week, International Center, University of Scranton
  • Invited Panel Presenter and Discussant: "Ecology, Environment and Development: The Role of the University," The Internationalization of Higher Education Revisited: The Americas In a Global Context, Thirteenth Annual International Conference of European - American University Forum, November 3 - 6, 2003, San Jose, Costa Rica.
  • Invited Presented. "Sustainability," Parent's College, September 27, 2003, University of Scranton.
  • Invited speaker (July 28, 2003), Course entitled, "Wanted: Educators Determined to Help Save the World, One Classroom at a Time," Working Toward a Sustainable Future, The Center for clean Products and Clean Technologies, University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
  • Cann, Cynthia W. and Michael C. Cann (September 19, 2002), "Business, Green Chemistry (GC) and Other Sustainable Practices," Secretary David Hess of Department of Environmental Protection, State of Pennsylvania, University of Scranton.
  • Invited Panel Presenter: "The Business Perspective on Justice," Panel on Justice, Trustee Day, February 6, 2002, University of Scranton.
  • Invited speaker (June 4, 2002), "The Strategic Approach to Corporate Sustainable Development," Baosteel, Shanghai, Peoples Republic of China
  • Invited speaker (July 25, 2001), "Marketing Green Chemistry Inside and Outside Your Organization," at a one-day conference on Green Chemistry: The Next Technology Wave, Portland, Oregon.
  • Cann, Cynthia (November 2000), "CTBC Telecommunications," North American Case Research Association Annual Meeting, San Antonio, Texas.
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