all royals have scranton in commonsBeyond the Commons is a dinner series that gives students an opportunity to connect with Scranton alumni. Each dinner, set in a venue in downtown Scranton, brings approximately 15 students together with one to three alumni. The atmosphere of each dinner is casual, and conversation is centered around a specific topic.

Dinner Topics:

Members of The Future Alumni Network of Scranton (FANS) work together to choose dinner topics and recruit classmates and friends to attend. Topics range from “Working on Wall Street” to “Moving out of your parents’ house & staying out.” Although discussion will wander away from the topic throughout the dinner, selecting one in advance helps with the selection of alumni volunteer hosts, as well as the selection of student attendees. 

Dinner Attendees:

  • One to three alumni hosts 
  • Four to fifteen student guests
  • One staff member to facilitate the event

It's more than a Dinner:

These dinners offer great career networking opportunities for students to interact with current experts in the field. Alumni discuss career interests, offer professional advice and share their experiences.