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The Medical Alumni Council (MAC)

The Medical Alumni Council (MAC) seeks to assist undergraduate pre-health professional students through education in health-related programs, networking assistance and guidance on admission to health professional schools, and access to role models in various medical careers. The MAC also keeps alumni health practitioners informed about campus developments, nominates students and alumni for scholarships and awards, conducts symposia for alumni in the health professions, and encourages financial support for the University from these alumni. The Medical Alumni Council is dedicated to securing The University of Scranton's place as the recognized leader in pre-health professional education in Pennsylvania.

Recognizing Our Scranton Alumni Doctors #RoyalsRespond


Below are submissions for 2020 National Doctors' Day. We appreciate Scranton doctors every day. Now, more than ever, though, during these unprecedented times, their service, compassion, and heroism is applauded as they sacrifice so much to help others in need. We pray for their safety each day. #Royals4Others #RoyalsRespond

  • Dr. Joseph Cahill '08plus or minus


    My brother, Dr. Joseph Cahill (pictured above, second from left), is currently completing his last year of surgical residency in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with Pinnacle Health. He graduated from Scranton in 2008 with a degree in Biology. He went on to complete his masters in Cell and Molecular Biology from Binghamton University. He then completed Medical School at Lake Eerie College of Osteopathic Medicine. He will begin a fellowship this summer. His Scranton education helped create a strong foundation for his career. Together, with his perseverance and education, he has become a stellar and well-respected doctor. His work ethic is unmatched, and has inspired me to work harder than I knew I could. He truly embodies the quote on Brennan Hall's wall, "Of those to whom much is given, much is expected- Luke 12:48". Joe's commitment to his patients is unwavering. Thank you, Joe! (Submitted by Elizabeth Cahill '15)

  • Dr. Michael T. Brown '82plus or minus

    Dr. Michael T. Brown, class of '82, works continuously to treat patients throughout this pandemic. Dr. Brown is a surgical oncologist at Tower Health in Reading, PA. He recently celebrated his 60th birthday with festivities postponed as he did not want to unwittingly spread anything to his wife, Dr. Patti Brown, or his three children, son-in-law or 2 year old granddaughter. Dr. Brown is an incredible surgeon and mentor who warrants recognition year round and especially this doctor’s day. (Submitted by Douglas Brown '17)
  • Chris Jones, DO '10plus or minus

    Chris is a member of The University of Scranton’s Class of 2010. He graduated with a double major in: Biology (Pre-Medical) and Philosophy. From there, Chris continued on to medical school, and graduated from The Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2014. While in college and medical school, Chris focused on the priorities of how he could best serve his future patients and how he could best work alongside other medical professionals - in his dedication to making a difference and setting the world on fire.
    Since finishing medical school, Chris moved to the great state of Ohio. He completed his residency at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital in Cleveland. Currently, Chris is completing his fellowship at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus. At both hospitals, Chris has worked countless hours, faced difficult medical situations, and made many personal sacrifices. Rather than complaining, Chris always shares about his passion for helping others, his joy to be working in the field of pediatrics, and his gratitude to nurses and other medical staff that help make his job possible.
    I am consistently moved by the work that he does - as he often is met with crisis circumstances where for many of us, fear and panic would set in. Chris is able to remain calm and provide superior medical care along with a genuine compassion for the children and families. He works hard for his patients and incorporates a mindfulness of cura personalis in how he meets each of his patients with: dignity and respect, kindness, a sense of humor, and individualized treatment.
    On top of his busy schedule with work, while Chris has been serving the children and families in Ohio, he has maintained his own commitment to learning and growth - pursuing magis, by engaging in a Master’s program in Medical Education with The Ohio State University. Chris strives to be a resource and support for all. Recently, while talking with Chris about the current state of affairs, he exuded optimism, patience, and selflessness.
    Chris, you are a bright light in what can be a sometimes be a dark world. Thank you for fighting to continue to shine. I see you, and I appreciate you.
    A huge “thank you” to Chris and to all of our medical professionals. Thank you for your courage, your resilience, and your love. You are our every day heroes - and you make your fellow Royals so proud. (Submitted by Danielle Frascella '10)
  • Dr. Eileen (Hoffner) Bishop '05plus or minus

    Dr. Eileen (Hoffner) Bishop is a 2005 graduate of The University of Scranton. She earned a degree in Biomathematics and continued her studies at The Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Bishop completed a fellowship in critical care at Dartmouth before joining the team at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. She is a dedicated advocate for the care of the sickest patients. She works tireless hours as a critical care physician, and has been a leader at the Cleveland Clinic in many regards. She is on maternity leave, but will be returning to the frontlines of patient care in a short time, around the peak-projection point for the pandemic in her area. She is an example of Royals for Others. (Submitted by Kim Collins '08)
  • Dr. Maureen Collins Fennell, M.D. '87plus or minus

    fennell.jpgI’d like to honor Dr. Maureen Collins Fennell, M.D. Class of 1987 Alum and Cardiologist with John Hopkins Medicine (pictured above, far left).  Maureen received her medical degree from Jefferson Medical College-Thomas Jefferson University and completed her cardiology fellowship at Duke University.  She is board certified in cardiovascular disease.  Maureen continues to serve her cardiology patients and support their healing during this difficult time as so many doctors continue to do.  She reached out to our Scranton Alumni friend group asking us to pray the rosary daily for the patients who are dying alone and without family members.  Her selfless acts of kindness, service, and prayer are core to who she is as a person, doctor, and friend! Huge thanks to Maureen and all our Scranton Alumni who are answering God’s call of service to others and continue to pray for their own safety and protection. (Submitted by Theresa Haughey '87)

  • Michael L. Sunday, M.D. '84plus or minus


    Our father, Michael Sunday (picured above second from right), embodies the Jesuit ideals that we are men and women for others. Michael Sunday knew from a very young age that he wanted to purse a career in the field of medicine. While at Scranton Preparatory a school, he excelled in the sciences and was urged by his teachers to follow his dreams of becoming a physician. Michael began his journey at the university of Scranton in 1980 where he feel in love with biology, immunology, histology and microbiology. Michael graduated from the university in 1984 and went on attend Thomas Jefferson Medical school in Philadelphia. At Jefferson, Michael excelled in all facets of his education and graduated 3rd in his class in 1988. After graduation Michael completed his general surgery residency  at Thomas Jefferson hospital. Michael has at many offers post residency to practice anywhere in the country, but decided that he wanted to come back home to Scranton PA. Michael has been the chief of surgery at Moses Taylor hospital for the past ten years. Michael goes above and beyond what is expected of him to care for his patients. He works tremendously long hours ensuring that his patients are adequately cared for. He is truly a hero, and most important he is our hero!!

    We love you dad!
    Forever and always;
    Your children;
    Adam, Maddie and Claire.

    (Submitted by his children: Adam and Maddie class of 2019 and Claire class of 2023)

  • Janet Limone, RN, MSN, CCRN, CCCTM '92plus or minus

    My name is Taylor Limone. I am a senior at the University of Scranton, majoring in Biochemistry and Philosophy on a Pre-Medicine track. In the fall, I will be attending medical school. My mom, Janet Limone RN, MSN, CCRN, CCCTM, is a Scranton graduate. She graduated in 1992 with an undergraduate degree in Nursing. She went on to receive her Master's in Nursing in 1998 from Thomas Jefferson University. She has been a registered nurse for 28 years. She currently serves as the Clinical Nurse Specialist for the Medical Intensive Care Unit at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. The Medical Intensive Care Unit was recently converted to the COVID-ICU. In addition to her regular duties as the CNS, she has also assists her nursing staff in direct patient care. She has also spent countless hours in meetings making sure the MICU is well prepared to deal with the pandemic and devising educational plans to teach her staff and other specialist nurses proper procedures for COVID. I believe that my mom is the very definition of "cura personalis" and the "magis". Each day she cares for each of her patients and her colleagues on a whole person level, all while epitomizing the magis. She strives for more, and will not stop until she achieves just that. My mom is the reason I chose medicine as a future career. She has been my role model ever since I can remember, and even more so now. Her grace in handling the frontlines of the pandemic is something to be admired. I will take all of the lessons she has taught me into my future career, and I am proud to attend the same University as her. 

    Taylor Limone
    The University of Scranton
    Biochemistry (Pre-Professional Concentration) and Philosophy Majors
    Class of 2020

  • Stephen Kranick, M.D. ’13plus or minus

    Stephen Kranick, M.D. ’13 is a second-year resident at the Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, NJ.  Upon graduation from Scranton, he attended Georgetown University Medical School in Washington, D.C., then was matched with Rutgers.

    Stephen is currently working to mitigate the effects of COVID-19 on patients and was exposed to the virus by a patient.  He self-isolated to verify he was not infected and has since returned to his medical duties, joining thousands of other health care professionals in this battle. (Submitted by Fran Kranick, Jr.)