CBL Course Designation Process


Instructions for faculty from across the University to receive formal Community-Based Learning (CBL)* designation for their course(s) including existing courses that are not currently designated, revamped/revised courses or new courses.


  1. Receive department approval prior to seeking CBL designation.
  2. Complete the CBL Course Designation Proposal Signature Sheet and CBL Course Designation Form.
  3. Attach course syllabus with areas relevant to CBL designation highlighted and sample items as indicated on CBL Course Designation Form.
  4. Email application to: the CBL Office at cbl@scranton.edu
  5. Upon receipt the proposal will be reviewed by the CBL Faculty Coordinator and CBL Board Chair within a month to see if the course meets the CBL criteria detailed in application. The faculty proposer and/or CBL Board input will be sought as needed.
  6. The CBL Office will send final approval to the faculty seeking CBL designation. The CBL Board will be notified at the following board meeting.
  7. Please note it may take a few months to receive CBL designation. In order for the “SL” attribute to be assigned to the CBL course in Banner, the CBL Office will notify the Registrar as soon as the CBL approval is designated.
  • CBL – will continue to be designated as “SL” for transcript/Banner purposes.
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