CBL Course Designation Process


Instructions for faculty from across the University to receive formal Community-Based Learning (CBL)* designation for their course(s) including existing courses that are not currently designated, revamped/revised courses or new courses.


  1. Fill out and submit the CBL Course Designation form to the CBL Course Designation Faculty Advisory Committee of the CBL board – email to: Office of Community-Based Learning, at: cbl@scranton.edu. Forms can be submitted on an ongoing basis.
  2. Receive recommendation from CBL Board (or revise/resubmit).
  3. New Course: Attach the CBL Course Designation form along with Faculty Senate (FS) New Course form and check “Yes” for “Special Designations” and fill in CBL.
  4. Course Revision (major or non-major): Attach the CBL Course Designation form along with appropriate course revision form and use the “nature of revision” box to explain how CBL is part of the revision of the course and/or request formal designation of an existing (non-designated) CBL course.
  5. The appropriate curriculum/course forms should be submitted to the dean’s office in the college where the course originated. Additionally, if the course proposal is for a new course, the proposal must also go through the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee review process.
  • CBL – will continue to be designated as “SL” for transcript/Banner purposes.