CBL Faculty Initiatives Fund

The Office of Community-Based Learning is now accepting applications for the Faculty Initiatives Fund. This provides an opportunity for University of Scranton faculty to request funding for costs related to Community-Based Learning (CBL) courses and/or academic-related community initiatives, including but not necessarily limited to CBL course-related materials, refreshments, transportation and/or CBL-related conference travel, and registration fees. Each faculty member can submit up to two applications for combined awards of up to $500 total per academic year. The faculty member must use the funds within the calendar year in which they are granted. Funding will be dispersed on a reimbursement basis. 

Special Note on Funding Activity: These funds can also be used for honoraria for local community agency partners to share presentations in your class about community-related topics.

Applications may be submitted on a rolling basis. The CBL Faculty Funding Applications is a digital form with instructions included. For question on this form please contact the Community-Based Learning Office at cbl@scranton.edu.

Please contact us with your questions or ideas regarding CBL courses and activities or about the grant process itself at: Debra Fetherman CBL Faculty Coordinator at: debra.fetherman@scranton.edu, or Julie Schumacher Cohen, Chair of the CBL Board at julie.cohen@scranton.edu.

CBL Faculty Funding Application

Faculty that have received grants from this fund in the past include:

Kimberly Pavlick, Communications

Patricia Wisniewski, Occupational Therapy 

Catherine Richmond-Cullen, Education 

Julia Guzman, Occupational Therapy 

Jennifer Schwartz, Physical Therapy 

Jessica Nolan, Psychology 

LeeAnn Eschbach, Counseling & Human Services

Debra Fetherman, Exercise Science & Sport



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