CBL Faculty Initiatives Fund

The Office of Community-Based Learning is now accepting applications for the Faculty Initiatives Fund. This provides an opportunity for University of Scranton faculty to request funding for costs related to Community-Based Learning (CBL) courses and/or academic-related community initiatives, including but not necessarily limited to CBL course-related materials, refreshments, transportation and/or CBL-related conference travel, and registration fees. Each faculty member can submit up to two applications for combined awards of up to $500 total per academic year. She or he must use the funds within the calendar year in which they are granted. Funding will be dispersed on a reimbursement basis. 

Special Note on Funding Activity: These funds can also be used for honoraria for local community agency partners to share presentations in your class about community-related topics.

Applications for each semester's funding period are due by the end of the prior semester. Applications may also be submitted on a rolling basis. Applications may be submitted as a scanned copy with signatures  to alicen.morrison@scranton.edu or as a hard copy to Alicen Morrison, Community-Based Learning Office Assistant, Weinberg Memorial Library.

A description and application directions for the CBL Faculty Initiatives Fund is attached here. Please contact us with your questions or ideas regarding CBL courses and activities or about the grant process itself at: Debra Fetherman CBL Faculty Coordinator at:debra.fetherman@scranton.edu, or Julie Schumacher Cohen, Chair of the CBL Board at julie.cohen@scranton.edu.

CBL Faculty Funding Application

Faculty that have received grants from this fund in the past include:

Catherine Richmond-Cullen, Education 

Julia Guzman, Occupational Therapy 

Jennifer Schwartz, Physical Therapy 

Jessica Nolan, Psychology 

LeeAnn Eschbach, Counseling & Human Services

Debra Fetherman, Exercise Science & Sport